Since we’re talking about hair – Volleymom2 emailed: I just thought of another topic.. since you were on the subject of bonnet hairdryers… maybe something along the line of bleaching one’s hair??  Remember how popular “Sun In” used to be??  I remember everybody wanted the surfer hair color.  What were some of the secrets MLC used to lighten hair back then??



I remember when I was in the 8th grade (before I started surfing), I found my big brother’s bottle of peroxide and decided to make “surfa hair”.  I applied it on after I pau bocha but the next day I didn’t notice any change.  So I applied more again after I pau bocha the second night.


I don’t remember how many times I applied it, but I definitely had surfa hair.  In fact I looked like Peg Bundy!  And this was back in the 70’s when we had a LOT of hair!


But later when I started surfing and hooked up with a bunch of other surfers, they teased me about my red hair in the 8th grade.  The said I looked funny having red hair and pale white skin.  Good thing I didn’t know about them teasing me at the time.  Would’ve made “A” big time.


But as much as I used to surf with all of my friends, I never had surfa or “ehu” hair.  I even tried putting on lemon juice but still no surfa hair!


Meanwhile, my surfing buddies had natural bleached out hair.  Long, straight, with bangs, and all ehu.  They had Gerry Lopez hair.  I was so jealous!



Then one day, my hair finally did start to turn color.  But unfortunately it was after I stopped surfing.  And unfortunately the color wasn’t sun-bleached, but white…
Now I just tell people it’s highlights.


Did you have “surfa hair” in your teenage days?  Was it natural or did you cheat like me?  What did you use?  Know of any other secrets to making “ehu” hair?


Thanks for the topic idea Volleymom2!