Beating the Summer Heat

29 August 2013

Has it been hot enough for you?  How did we ever do it as kids?  I don’t ever remember complaining about the August heat.  Maybe because I was too busy complaining about how summer was too short and school was about to begin.  Or was it because we were outdoors most of the time and we could feel the breezes – even if they were light Kona winds.


How did we deal with it then?  Maybe I’m a lightweight now but one of the best investments I made is a window air conditioner in the bedroom.  Yeah, it’s not as quiet as a split-air a/c unit but it serves its purpose.


But thinking about back in the day… Nobody in Hawaii had an air conditioner in their home.  Even my rich uncle with the color console TV (with remote control) and the Buick in the garage, didn’t have a/c in the house.  If anything, it might’ve been the auntie or cousin with respiratory problems that had an a/c in their room.  And even then, it took an act of congress or severe wheezing before they got the green light to turn on the a/c.  Electricity doesn’t grow on trees, you know.


Us, we had fans.  The free kine from First Federal Savings & Loan (“Where your money… Grows) promos when you open a new account or deposit a certain amount of money.  Or was that International Savings & Loan?  Anway, it was the kine fan with 3 speeds that you controlled by pushing the button speed.  Was either Toshiba or Panasonic.  It had the silver grill and the translucent blue fan blades and it oscillated.  And if your transaction was big enough, you got the deluxe fan that came with a dial timer that you could set for up to a couple of hours.  Remember how we used to put our face right in front of the fan when it was on and make the “aaawwww” sound and listen to it sounding all chopped up?  No lie, I know you did it too.


Last week I had the opportunity to ride inside of Pearl Harbor.  While we were driving around, we came across the old three story wooden walk-up building that my dad used to work at.  I remember, because it was kiddie-corner from the Credit Union where he used to cash his checks.  The building looks pretty much the same, except all the windows are sealed as the building is air conditioned.


I remember my dad taking us to his work place a couple of times and there wasn’t a/c back then.  They actually opened windows and had paper-weights on their desk to keep papers from blowing away.  When was the last time you saw a paper-weight on someone’s desk that wasn’t just for decoration?


I don’t know how they were able to work in those non-a/c conditions.  I’m sure it was a struggle to stay awake in the afternoon when the building started to heat up.  Maybe that’s why my dad only took a sandwich for lunch – so he doesn’t fall asleep after a big meal!


How about air-conditioned cars?   Air-conditioning was not standard equipment in a car like it is today.  It was usually dealer installed and took up about every open area in the engine compartment.  I remember that my mom had a/c in her 1972 Plymouth Valiant.  Since she was into selling real estate, she needed the a/c for when she had to take clients around.  It felt so odd riding in a cool car with all the windows rolled up.  Actually, it felt “rich”.


Popsicles were always good for beating the summer heat.  Remember, they used to cost 6¢ each at the drug store.  But buying pretty much anything was out of the question so we had to be creative.


That meant ice-cup or ice-cakes.  Bust out that Malolo syrup, mix up a batch and pour it into cups or ice cube trays.  The only problem was that we couldn’t wait for it to harden.  And we’d keep poking the barely frozen top until our finger poked through telling us that it’s not ready yet.  And we’d keep this up after every other cartoon until we couldn’t take it any longer and just slurped up the half frozen juice.  Oh man, those were the bestest!  Standing outside the house (because no way would mom let us eat that stuff in the house), everyone has an ice-cake in their hand trying their darnedest to bite off a corner – while the melted juice dripped down their arms.  And if you drop ‘um, no problem.  Just rinse ‘um off with the garden hose (not too long or going melt away), and continue where you left off.  So ono…


Can you imagine if offices weren’t air-conditioned?  For one thing – all the desktop computers would overheat.  LOL  How did you beat the heat growing up small-kid-time?  I bet you didn’t have a/c back then.  Do you have a/c in your house now?  Remember ice-cakes and ice-cups?  Do you have a secret recipe for them?  Or just syrup and water?  What other kind of summer treats do you eat to cool down?




Ok folks.  This is it.  The Caliente’s last time together is going to happen this Saturday at the Manoa Grand Ballroom.  I’m not about to miss this one.  With Wasabi and White Light to get the night started – it’s going to be a blast.  No fool around already.  Call Russell at @ 224-9224 before the place is sold out.  And if you go, come look for me!

Endless Summer 03

Okay, MLCers – you know the drill.  Remember, you can answer more than once so don’t think about it too hard.  If a better answer comes up later – just post it again.


Here we go:


  1. What was your most memorable summer?
  2. What was your most memorable summer vacation (trip/camp/etc.)?
  3. When did you take your first airplane trip?


Don’t hesitate to share any summer time memories.  Or songs 😉


Here’s my replies:


  1. What was your most memorable summer?
    I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times but it has to be the Summer of ’72.  I spent that summer learning to surf, listening to the radio as ’72 had some of the best songs, and catching the bus to Ala Moana Center and the surf shops around town.  I was a loner that whole summer, consequently I soaked in all the memories as I did whatever I wanted to.
  2. What was your most memorable summer vacation (trip/camp/etc.)?
    Wow, this is a tough one – mostly because I don’t remember a lot of the summer vacations that I took in adulthood.  I would say that it was the first time we took our 2 daughters in Las Vegas.  This was when they were about 10 years old and Vegas was trying to be a family-oriented town.  We went to the MGM hotel as they had an Adventure park with different rides and things from hit MGM movies.  And we went to Wet-n-Wild when it was still on the strip and rode the water slides and the lazy-river.  We also took the girls to Circus-Circus to play carnival games and go on the rides, and to New York New York to play arcade games.  That was a fun trip.  Oh yeah, and shopping too!
  3. When did you take your first airplane trip?
    I’m guessing I was 6 years old.  It was on a propeller plane.  It was a family trip to Maui and the Big Island.  I only remember small bits and pieces of the trip – like when we went to seven sacred pools on Maui.  I remember touching the Lauhala fruit – the one that looks like a pineapple – and playing around with it.  The smell was so strong and stuck on my fingers.  I probably kept smelling my fingers (because that’s what little boys do) until I gave myself a headache.  That, in fact was probably my first ever headache.  Needless to say, the trip out of Hana seemed to take forever.  And the only memory I have of the Big Island was staying with some family friends in Kona.  They had a coffee farm and my older brothers got to ride though the farm on their jeep.  I was too little to go with them.  boo-hoo.  Oh, and I also remember that we went to Hawi and we were messing around some tidal pools when my older brother right above me, fell into the ocean and my dad had to jump in to save him.  That following summer we had to take swimming lessons.


There’s my answers.


I also remember when I was about 8 years old, my dad had to go to San Diego for work.  Then my brother and I flew to San Francisco to meet up with my dad and we toured S.F. for a few days.  Then we caught a train to Los Angles.  It was a 13 hour ride!  I remember that we boarded the train at 7:00 AM and reached our destination at 8:00 PM.  And it was there in L.A. that I had my first McDonalds Big Mac.  I couldn’t finish it.


Okay, your turn to reply to the Thursday 3 and share your Summer Memories with us.




This is it – the last week to secure your tickets.  It’s happening next week Saturday (8/31/13).  It will be one to remember.

Endless Summer 03

Thanks for the idea, sally!


Remember when we used to return back to school – when it was the Tuesday after the Monday Labor Day holiday – unlike today’s kids who already started on the first Monday in August.  WWD!


But remember how one of our first assignments was to write a 1 page report on What I Did On My Summer Vacation?  Well, sally suggested that we revisit that assignment – so you guys can thank sally for the assignment.


Summer Vacation cartoon


But since not everyone has a summer vacation – because, you know, we work – I thought I’d change the title to What I Did This Summer – in case you didn’t get to take vacation but had a super fun holiday/weekend.  You get the idea, right?  Just like in school.


What I Did This Summer


The highlight of my summer was a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth: Las Vegas!  We left on a Wednesday night red-eye flight and got in early Thursday morning.  I didn’t sleep too well on the flight over.  The Melatonin didn’t help.  Next time it’s antihistamine for me.  So we got in to about 90° sunny weather.  We got our car – a Dodge Avenger – and headed straight to IHOP as we always do whenever we arrive in the morning.  See, IHOP leaves a carafe of coffee right on the table so we don’t have to keep asking or waiting for refills.  After filling up on caffeine, we headed to Trader Joe’s to stock up on water and some snacks.


We take a chance and get lucky and check in early at The Cal.  After a couple hour nap, it’s back out again.  We went to the Downtown outlet mall.  By now, the temperature was around 108°.  I was still a bit tired but the heat just drained the energy out of me.  I felt like a zombie walking around in that heat.  We finally get back to the hotel and I catch a few more Z’s before we have dinner and did some gambling.  Paula did real good that night.  Real good.  Me, I was up about $100 or so by the end of the night.  Or should I say – early the next morning.


I can’t remember all the details but we did hit the usual malls: the Downtown Outlet mall, the old Belz Outlet mall, Meadows mall, Fashion Show mall, the Galleria mall, and a couple of Burlington stores.


As for food – we didn’t have meal coupons this trip – which was kinda nice as we went to try different places.  For lunch, we hit Cici’s Pizza.  $4.99 for all you can eat lunch buffet.  Unfortunately, a team of high school softball players got there right before us – and there was already another team of high school softball players already in the restaurant.  Needless to say, the pizzas were flying off the warmer.  The pasta was gone and so was the salad.  As soon as they filled it up, it was out again.  But I did get my share of pizza and bread sticks with pasta sauce.


Of course – as required – we did the In N Out Burger visit.  I had an animal-style Double-Double.  No animal-style fries.


But get this – Saturday for lunch, we went to Applebee’s next to the Boulevard mall.  It was the first time at an Applebee’s.  I had a burger but our daughter ordered a garlic steak and it was, in her words, “The best steak I’ve ever eaten”.  I did try a piece and I have to say that it was delicious.  So on Sunday when we were in Henderson, and she’s still raving about the steak, we go to a different Applebee’s.  She orders the garlic steak once again, and I too order one.  But it wasn’t the same.  Seemed like it had some Jamaican jerk spice on it, maybe we thought it was some residue left from the previous order that was cooked on the grill.  We left somewhat disappointed.


So what do we do?  Come dinner time, we head back to the first Applebee’s that we went to the day before and order the garlic steak.  Better, but not quite as we remembered it from the day before.


The funny thing is that the waiter we had on Saturday for lunch was the same guy we got on Sunday for dinner.  And when our daughter read their slogan on the bill “See you tomorrow”, she said that the waiter must’ve thought that we took it literally!


But we’re over Applebee’s for now.


One of the highlights of the trip was a lightning storm.  On Friday night while we where having dinner at the Market Street restaurant, I did notice the lights flicker a few times but thought nothing of it.  When we got out of the restaurant, one if the guests coming in from outside said that it was just pouring about 10 minutes prior.  We head up to our room and see that lightning storm just off in the distance.  We just missed it as it passed over us while we were dining.  That’s why the lights flickered.


But on Saturday night we were prepared.  Checking the local Doppler satellite maps, we saw the storm heading for Vegas.  We sat in our room with take out dinner and the lights off as we watched the thunderstorm pass though Vegas once again.  That was quite an adventure.


On the last day there, we did check out “the Strip” and visited a few hotels: Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Aria, and Harrahs as we tried out this ice cream like dessert place that our friend had recommended.  Meh.


But after all that shopping, the only thing I came home with was a new cap.  No new shoes.  No new cologne.  No new shirt.  Just one single cap.  I take that back.  I did come home with a free t-shirt from the Cal after I hit a Royal Flush on the 25¢ poker machine.  I was down to my last 5 credits hoping just for a pair to play another game.  I hold 2 pictures and watch as no matching pairs come up.  Instead, it was a Royal Flush!  So after the slot hostess pays me off, she tells me to play another game to clear off the Royal.  But I had zero credits left on the machine!  I could’ve dropped a quarter to clear off the machine but instead I put in a $20 bill to play a bit more.  And try to get lucky again.


Overall it was a “productive” trip.  Paula and I both came home “up”.  We had a great time shopping, eating, gambling, and relaxing.


And that’s what I did this summer.


The end.


Okay, your turn.  Complete your assignment of writing a post of What I Did This Summer.  Your assignment will be due by Wednesday and if you don’t turn one in, I will report it to your parents during parent open-house/orientation.  Extra credit for turning it in early.




Call Russell Shiroma @ 224-9224 to reserve your seats now!  You snooze, you lose.  I’m telling you, this will be one to remember.

Endless Summer 03

Remember bowling alleys?  I grew up with bowling – as probably a lot of us MLCers did.


In fact, my first puka-head was at a bowling alley.  I must’ve been maybe 4 or 5 years old and my dad was bowling in a Pearl Harbor league at Boulevard Bowl (remember where that was?), and I was doing the spin around a lot and fall down all dizzy thing.  Well, I fell down and whacked my head against the corner of the ball polishing machine and puka my head.  My dad was pissed.  He had to stop bowling to take me home.  I remember him pressing the bloody handkerchief against my head.  Never did go doctor to get stitched up.


Then later, my dad joined a Friday night – second shift – league at Pali Lanes.  We used to go hang out at the bowling alley every Friday night.  While dad bowled, I’d play around the top area (but wasn’t allowed to spin), or watch the guys play nickel machines, or sit in the snack bar and wish I could have french fries or a banana split.  Or sometimes I’d just lie down on the Bruinswick orange and white plastic seats and fall asleep.


I think I was destined to grow up at bowling alleys.  Even my aunty Yoshiko and her sister Chiyo had a barber shop at Bowling City.


Bowling Bowling City
My mom used to take us there every so often to get our head’s buzzed.


Eventually, my dad bought be a used 13 lb. bowling ball.  It was an Ebonite Earl Anthony with the name DEL inscribed on it.  My bowling bag was from Gold Bond stamps.  I just used it to bowl for recreational purposes.


Then after I got married, I started bowling with my In-laws at Stadium Bowl-o-Drome.


bowling bowl-o-drome


And like my days of growing up – we bowled on Friday nights – second shift.  But because the first shift was a 5-man team and because of the old ball returns and broken machines, we sometime didn’t start bowling until 10:00.  Needless to say – we didn’t get out of there until 1:00 the next morning.


This went on for years.  At first we were bowling in a league that took up almost the whole alley.  Eventually, it got smaller until it took up only half of the ally.  Then when it got even smaller, we merged with another league that was using the other half of the alley.  This went on until Bowl-o-Drome decided to close its doors for good.


Then that league merged with another league over at Kam Bowl.


bowling Kam Bowl


And the night changed from Friday to Thursday – still second shift.  The best thing besides the short ball rack (so you didn’t have to wait until the next lane finished just to get your ball), Kam Bowl had automatic scoring.  You have no idea how much I loved that.  See, at Bowl-o-Drome I was bowling with my in-laws.  Father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law(s) and not one of them stepped up to help me keep score.  When it was our turn to keep score – I had to keep score.  Sometimes, after I threw my first ball, I’d have to go back and write in the other teams score, then throw my second ball and write in my score.  WTH?  And of course, I had to be the team captain – which meant going to the meetings, collecting the dues, and making sure we have bowlers.  Paula’s brother used to bowl sometimes and her sister’s husband used to bowl the other times.  But I was the one who used to have to tell them when to bowl.  This one time I did an experiment and told the BOTH of them to decide between themselves who was going to bowl on Friday night.  Friday night rolled around and neither of them showed up.  Pathetic.  Had to use Dummy score.  And me being the team captain, I had to pay for their lines.


So when we moved to Kam Bowl, we had a new team with just my FIL and me and a couple of friends.  And with automatic score keeping – I had time to relax, concentrate on my game, talk story with my teammates as well as the other team, and enjoy myself.  The game was now fun and I used to try to break 200 on at least one of my games.


But when word came that Kam Bowl was going to shut down and be replaced by Walgreens – I hung it up.  Almost 20 years of bowling – and I went through almost the same number of bowling balls.  I was very passionate about bowling.  I subscribed to the magazines, watched the PBA Tour on TV every season, practiced in the off season, hung around some of the top bowlers to get tips, knew all the bowling shops around town – and the reputation of the drillers.  I was a bowling junkie.


But one of the best parts of bowling was the socializing.  Before Facebook and Linkedin and Instagram, bowling was one of a few ways to network with people from all different professions and who worked in all different companies.  I made a lot of friends when I was bowling.  And every now and then I think about them and wonder what they’re doing today.  Hmm… maybe I can find them on Facebook…


Did bowling play a part in your life?  Do you miss the socializing, the networking, the fun times spent at the alley. Or at Zippys or Likelike Drive in for the after bowling grinds.  Remember the bowling banquets?  Share your bowling memories with us.




It’s coming up in 3 weeks.  Call Russell Shiroma @ 224-9224 to get your tickets!

Endless Summer 03

KAN planted the seed for this Thursday3 questions.  Thank you KAN!


  1. If you could bring back a person (and/or their band) of someone who has passed on, who would you want to see?
  2. If you could get a person (and/or their band) of someone who is still alive, who would you want to see?
  3. I know it’s hard to choose just one person (and/or their band) so here you can list other answers from questions 1 and 2 from above.


Here’s my replies:


  1. If you could bring back a person (and/or their band) of someone who has passed on, who would you want to see?
    I think I’d have to say Freddie Mercury and Queen.  I’ve seen video of his live performances – definitely a concert to rock out at.  Date or no date.  LOL
  2. If you could get a person (and/or their band) of someone who is still alive, who would you want to see?
    Wow, this one is hard to answer because I don’t know if all the members of a lot of bands are still alive.  But just try your best.  For example, I’d like to say Bread.  I’d love to see Bread in concert again, but I don’t know if all of the original members are still with us.
  3. I know it’s hard to choose just one person (and/or their band) so here you can list other answers from questions 1 and 2 from above.
    This should be fun!
    Mackey Feary and Kalapana
    The Supremes
    Michael Jackson
    Loggins & Messina
    Journey with Steve Perry (rumor has it that it might happen)
    The Beatles!


Okay, your turn.


* Thanks again for the blog idea, KAN!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Endless Summer 03



With the wrap up of the Earth, Wind, and Fire concert (which I opted to skip and now regret), SeventyTwoHi suggested a blog topic of concerts that we went to back in the day.  SeventyTwoHi wrote:


I think the biggest one we had when I was at McKinley was Three Dog Night at the HIC for three nights. Opening act was a relatively new band with one or two hits on the charts: Chicago.


And every year, The Lettermen would come and sell out three shows. Do you think their style of music would make it today? I saw Elton John perform in a chicken suit. One half was red and the other half was green. He looked like a Christmas goose.


The first concert I ever attended was Bread. Managed to get third row seats on the aisle. They cost me $13.00. America was a good show, if only for the contact high. Missed Dionne Warwick, who hobbled onto the stage with crutches as she had slashed the bottom of her foot on coral at the Hilton Hawaiian Village earlier that day. Sha-Na-Na was a lot of fun . . .


Wow, that’s quite a good memory SeventyTwoHi!


Let’s see… I remember going to the Tower of Power concert back in the 70’s.  Opening act: Doobie Brothers!  Remember the Doobie Brothers?  They had 2 drum sets.


I remember the Elton John concert too.  Opening act was Kiki Dee.  My friend and I loved this song by Kiki Dee that hardly anyone had heard of.  It’s called Loving and Free.  How can you not like it?



I too remember the Elton John concert.  I remember him wearing his huge ELTON glasses that lit up with lights.  I went to the concert on a double date with my good friend.  He told me after the concert that if he wasn’t with a girl, he would’ve been rockin’ out in the aisles with everyone else.  It was THAT good!  In fact, I think that the Elton John concert was the best concert I ever attended.


Rod Stewart came in a close second.  It was another get-up-and-dance concert – but alas – we were with girls so we had to behave.  Rod Stewart rocked it.


I remember this one school night, my older brother asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with him.  Oh yes!  I jumped on the chance.  It was a Moody Blues concert.  Our seats were in the Loges, but when Tuesday Afternoon started playing, I felt like I was floating around the arena.  Found a little burn hole on my silky shirt the next day.


The Carpenters.  That was a wholesome concert.  I remember Karen Carpenter going back for a costume change during the concert and coming back out with a denim pant suit with Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stitched on each pants leg.


SeventyTwoHi mentioned America.  I’m sure I went to the America concert as I was (and still am) a big fan of America.  But I don’t remember it.  Maybe it was too mellow?


I remember when Honk (from the Five Summer Stories surf movie) played a concert.  My friend and I went to that one which was held at UH’s Andrews Outdoor Amphitheater.  We’re sitting there on the concrete bleachers – mostly waiting for them to play Pipeline Sequence – and we notice that there were B-52 cockroaches also sitting with us on the bleachers.  Okay, they were more like scampering around, but it was pretty nasty.  I think that was my first and last concert at Andrews.


Here’s a story about a concert that I went to in the early 80’s.  It was a Ted Nugent concert.  We were cruising, watching this madman rocking out the arena when – in the middle of a song – he takes off his guitar, puts it in the stand, then jumps off the stage into the crowd.  Everyone was cheering and screaming until the band stopped playing and the house lights went on.  The security helped Ted back on the stage where he was pointing out someone to security.  While this guy was getting escorted out, Ted Nugent starts telling everyone “When someone continuously spits at me, I will jump off this stage and kick his ass!“.  The audience went nuts!  And the professional performer that Ted Nugent is, continued on to play a kick-ass concert.  Get it?  Kick.  Ass.


Thanks again to SeventyTwoHi for the great blog topic!  What concerts do you remember attending at the HIC?  Or maybe at the Waikiki Shell?  Or even cockroach infested Andrew’s Outdoor Amphitheater?  Remember how part of going to a concert was walking around the HIC and bumping into people you knew?  Some with bloodshot, glassy eyes – you know, from surfing all day (wink, wink).  Or the chicks dressed super hot.  And remember when we were finally old enough to stand in the alcoholic beverages line?  Share your concert memories with us.  Or if you went to Saturday’s EW&F concert, share that night with us.




And since you  had such a blast going to the EW&F concert with your friends that you hadn’t see in ages – and promised that you’d get together again real soon – get them together for a night of 70’s music to dance to.  This last performance by The Calientes will be Epic!  You don’t want to miss it.  And it’s a good excuse to get together with your friends again!
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Endless Summer 03

Sally sent me this picture on FaceBook and it got me thinking…


Pencil Tablet


Do you remember the school supplies we had to bring to school?


When my daughters were in school, – besides the usual school supplies – each student had to bring in a box of Kleenex, a roll of hand towels, hand soap, and other household items.  Wassap Wit Dat?


All I remember was a three ring binder with dividers (the kine with the different color tabs) and folder paper.  A couple of No. 2 pencils – didn’t matter if was Eagle or Mirado – and a couple of blue pens.  Was usually Paper Mate pens.  Or Bic.  And a pair of safety scissors – the kine with the blunt tip.  A pink pencil eraser that you always wanted to bite into because is looked like Bazooka bubble gum.


Pencil Eraser


Remember these erasers?


pencil wheel eraser


And a wooden ruler – but it has to be the kine with the holes in it!  You know, so you can spin it on your No. 2 pencil.


Ruler Wooden


Oh yeah, and Crayola Brand crayons.  The 16 pack was recommended but ho, I used to be so envious of the lucky kids who’s parents bought them the big 64 size box.  You know – the one with the built in crayon sharpener on the back.  They would take out a crayon and even if was brand new, they’d stick it in the built-in sharpener and slowly twist the crayon while looking at all us less fortunate kids staring, wishing we could try.


Crayola Crayons 64


And of course, you needed a box to hold all your things.  What better than a White Owl cigar box.


Cigar box paper


And if you were lucky, your dad had a wooden cigar box laying around.


cigar box wood


Edited: C0hiba wanted to show his cigar box:


Cigar Box COHIBA
Of course, our dads knew better than to give us the “good stuff”.  😉


And finally, remember the Composition books?


Composition Book

Man, I used to go crazy trying to color in all the white areas with my Lindy pens.


Pen Lindy


Wait, can’t forget the Pee Chee portfolio!


Pee Chee Folder


So why do I bring this up?  Because sally sent me the picture of the Big Chief pencil tablet.  And to alert you that public schools are starting next week Monday and Tuesday.


What other school supplies do you remember having in school?  Paste bottle?  Deck of cards?  The fat kine crayons?  Share your memories with us.



Coming up at the end of THIS MONTH!

Endless Summer 03


And start thinking about your costume for the upcoming Disguise dance:



In the previous post Before Fast Foods, keoni suggested a topic:


What one (and only one fo’ make it hahd) food item do you miss most if you’re away from Hawai’i for any length of time. One that you can’t find a substitute that even comes close to da real thing?


But I thought I’d work keoni’s inquiry into a Thursday 3 – Missing Food.  You know the drill – copy/paste the questions or just answer them by order.  And feel free to leave additional comments/stories/descriptions/suggestions/etc.


  1. What one (and only one fo’ make it hahd) food item do you miss most if you’re away from Hawai’i for any length of time. One that you can’t find a substitute that even comes close to da real thing?
  2. What is a must have when going to the mainland because you can’t get that specific food in Hawaii? (your answer may be dependent on which part of the mainland you’re in)
  3. If you could bring back a food place that is no longer around – what place would that be and what is it that you miss?


Okay, here’s my replies:


  1. What one (and only one fo’ make it hahd) food item do you miss most if you’re away from Hawai’i for any length of time. One that you can’t find a substitute that even comes close to da real thing?
    From my experiences on the mainland, I’d say that it has to be chow mein noodles.  For real!  You know like when you go to Hoy Tin Chop Suey or even the local Panda Express, the chow mein noodles are the skinny kine with a little bit of curl.  I don’t know what they’re called but you know the ones I’m talking about.
    But on the mainland – they use spaghetti noodles for their chow mein!  Or they try to get away with angel hair pasta noodles.  Not the same.  Not even close!  Maybe the mainland Chinatown restaurants have chow mein noodles, but you won’t find any of that in the food courts.
  2. What is a must have when going to the mainland because you can’t get that specific food in Hawaii? (your answer may be dependent on which part of the mainland you’re in)
    You know I have to say In-n-Out burger.  Yeah, we have burger joints here and some have tried to imitate INO burger, but they can’t get that unique taste of an INO burger.  Then they stray away from trying to duplicate the simple INO burger and start using super big buns, then start stuffing the burger with bacon, avocado, onion rings, and drench it with ranch dressing, thousand island dressing, honey mustard dressing, and blue cheese, cheddar cheese, pepperjack cheese, frumunder cheese, and every thing else under the sun.  KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).  INO burgers rock!
  3. If you could bring back a food place that is no longer around – what place would that be and what is it that you miss?
    Washington Saimin.  Not for their saimin, but for their bulgogi plate.  Again, it was simple; a plate of rice covered with seasoned tenderized beef.  It wasn’t overly marinated, but had just the right amount of sesame seed flavoring and cooked over an open flame.  A scoop of macaroni salad on the side and of course, a side order of home-made kim chee.  No bulgogi has ever come close to that.  Well, except for my moms – of course – which was in a league of it’s own.

Okay, your turn.




I have to tell you folks that I’ve been talking with Russ of the Calientes and Soul Pilot and he can’t express enough how much of a memorable night this will be.  Your LAST CHANCE to see and hear The Calientes.  And Wasabi and White Light bands are nothing to sneeze at either.  The joint will be rocking.  It WILL be a night to remember.


You don’t believe me?  Call Russell Shiroma @ 224-9224 and find out for yourself.  Hear it directly from the man.  And at the same time, purchase your tickets.  I’m not sure if any empty tables are still available, but there’s seats available on some tables.


Endless Summer 03


Before Fast Foods

22 July 2013

The other weekend while dining with Paula and daughter #2, I was telling them that I didn’t start eating tacos until I was in high school because:


  1. We didn’t have mainland fast food places when we were kids
  2. I didn’t eat cheese – especially yellow cheese
  3. The only kind of taco I knew was boiled octopus


Paula shared that she ate tacos (the Mexican kine) when she was small only because her older cousins made tacos with them in the kitchen – from scratch.  Well, they had the tortilla shells, but they had to fry them to get them crispy and taco shaped.


But going back to item #1 – Hawaii got it’s first fast food restaurant – McDonalds – in 1968.

McDonalds Menu
This picture is actually from 1974


Until then, we grew up with mom & pop drive ins.  About the closet thing we had to a chain of restaurants was Zippys when they opened their second eatery in Kaimuki.


But we were totally happy eating mom & pop hamburgers made with Loves buns, a thin patty, the ketchup/relish mix, and of course – the yellow sauce.  And if you could swing another dime – the hamburger transformed into a cheese burger.  And if your dad’s tax return just arrived, that meant a Deluxe – with lettuce, onion, and tomato.


Then later came Jack in the Box.  The one at the corner of King and McCully is the first one that I remember.  That’s where I had my first taste of a taco.  And from that point on, I knew I loved tacos.  And onion rings!


Somewhere along the timeline – Taco Bell set up shop on Oahu.  Their tacos were different.  Not the same as Jack in the Box tacos.  I couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact difference.  I think the Taco Bell tacos were… Fresher?  Healthier?


Anyway, then the fast food restaurants started expanding to the rural areas of Oahu.  Kailua got a McDonalds!  And a Dunkin’ Donuts to go with it.  And for some odd reason, Kailua got an A&W Root Beer drive in restaurant.  Honolulu didn’t even have one yet!  Next came Taco Bell to Kailua.  And this was WAAYYY before Kailua became a tourist destination.


But soon, the Andy’s Drive In, Jumbo’s Drive InScotty’s Drive In, Kenny’s Burgerhouse, Jolly Roger Drive In – they all started to lose business and began shutting their doors.


Gone were the 25¢ each or 5 for $1 hamburgers.  The Porky Boys and Cheesy Gals gave way to Big Macs and Jumbo Jacks.


But back to the point I was trying to express to daughter #2 – in our day, we just had local drive ins with local kine sandwiches, plates lunches, and drinks – including malts and/or shakes.  And if you were lucky, they had one slush machine.  We didn’t have these mainland chain drive ins.  It was all mom & pop drive ins.


Are you happier now with the mainland chains here giving us more choice of dishes?  Or would you have been happy with just the old locally owned drive ins?  Or are you okay with it – in the name of progress.  Not that we can change anything – but it’s nice to remember how simple it was in the olden days.  Although the kids of today might beg to differ.




Endless Summer 03
Contact me for ticket info.

Since we were on the topic of weddings, I thought we’d do a Wedding theme this time.


I’ll open this up to anything related to a wedding.  Maybe your Wedding Song.  Maybe someone else’s Wedding song that you remember.  Songs with lyrics such as; wedding, bride, groom, marry, etc.


Here’s the ultimate Wedding song.  Actually, it’s a prelude to the most famous wedding song.  If you have the right Carpenters album, these 2 songs blend from one into the other.



This was our Wedding song:


I remember at one wedding, this wasn’t the wedding song, but it was the song they used in their slide show.  It was awesome.


Run Joey Run – David Geddes


Chapel of Love – The Dixie Cups


My favorite George Street song – Seasons

I had the pleasure of talking to Gail Mack about this song and the story that goes with it.  The twist is that the song was written BEFORE the events actually took place.


Okay, start listing them.  Use your imagination!




Endless Summer 03