Summer Fun!

19 July 2010

Remember small kid time – and our parents would send us to Summer Fun?  Either the Parks & Recreation kine or YMCA kine.

Actually, I don’t have much to say about it because I never went.

When I tell my friends that, they reply with astonishment “What?  You never attended Summer Fun?”.

Nope.  Never did.  Probably because my family couldn’t afford it.  Plus, my mom was a stay-at-home mom so there was never the need.  And it’s not like I missed it.  We had our own summer fun – coming and going as we pleased, doing what we wanted to do – which was mostly playing.  And getting into mischief every once in awhile.

And just about every summer we’d pitch a pup-tent in our front yard under the mango tree – right on mom’s pokey Japanese grass – which poked right though the goza mats we had inside the pup-tent.  And the best part was when we’d get a rare summer rain – and we’d run directly into the tent.  There’s just something special about sitting inside of a tent when it’s raining.

But for those of you who did attend summer fun, tell me what I was missing.  Playing sham-battle, doing arts and crafts, going on excursions, camping at Camp Erdman, trading part of your home lunch with your buddy.

When our girls were small, they attended the YMCA Summer Fun program.  It cost us a big chunk of money, but they had fun learning how to swim, going on walking excursions to Waiakalulu falls and bus excursions to Waimea Falls park, and sleep-overs at the YMCA.  Daughter #2 even continued on to become a Junior Leader during her early teenage years.


Did you go to Summer Fun during small kid time? What kind of things did you do at Summer Fun?  If you stayed home like I did, what kind of things did you used to do during the summer time?  Have any funny Summer Time stories to share?