16 August 2010

Is Justin Bieber bringing back the moptop hairstyle reminiscent of the Beatles?

When the Beatles were hitting it big in the U.S., I had no say in my hairstyle – as I was just a little kid – so no moptop hairstyle for me.  But I did get a pair of Beatle Boots!

When I was a little kid, my mom insisted on me having one of those short porcupine haircuts.  I hated it!  I remember once when we went to my auntie’s barber shop which was in the old Bowling City building on King and Alapai streets, my auntie asked how I wanted my hair.  I said “long!”.  She said “Naw, you look better with short hair” and continued to give me another porcupine haircut.

Eventually, around the 3rd grade – after a lot of lobbying – I was able to grow my hair out. Somewhat.

That’s me on the bottom right corner.

That was about the extent of my “long hair”.

Then by the time I got to the 7th grade, I was finally allowed to grow my hair out a little bit more.  But it still had the “clean cut” look to it.

By the 9th grade, when barber shops were now called hair salons and prices went up, my dad figured he could save himself some money and let me grow my hair out.  Plus, I was into surfing by then and long hair with middle part was the style.

Maybe it was from all those years of wanting long hair but being suppressed of it – when I finally had the chance – I kinda went to the extremes.

Did I look cool or what! 😳

Laugh all you want, but that was the style back in the day.  I’m sure a lot of you guys had that exact same style in the mid-seventies.

Then in the early 80’s – during the punk rock era – I changed my hairstyle to short and spikey – going for the punk look.

But after I settled down and got married, it was the Yuppie era – and I was trying to look professional as I was trying to advance my career.  I went conservative with a side part and clean around the ears.

Remember when those “chawan” cuts were popular in the late 80’s?  I got one of those once.  But Paula said that I had this “fat fold” on the back of my head – so that was the end of that.

Eventually, I went back to the short and spikey look but this time with a long, thinned out back.  “Tako legs” as my barber referred to it as.  Others just called it a “mullet”.  LOL

What I was really trying for was the Rod Stewart look.

Not the Early Rod Stewart look:

But rather the Current Rod Stewart look:

Unfortunately, my barber said that my Asian hair isn’t fine like Rod Stewart’s and it might be hard to achieve. 🙁

So today my hair is somewhat conservative (for job interviews) with highlights – Silver highlights. 😉 And with a little bit lot of gel/glue/clay/wax/pomade, I’m able to change it up a bit and attempt the Rod Stewart look, while still able to look conservative when I have to.

So what kind of hairstyles did you have: small kid time, intermediate/high school, college days, clubbing days, early career, family, and now?

Did you guys have the middle part surfer look with your hair covering your ears?  Layered look?  Spikey look?  Shaved head look?

How about you ladies?  Long straight hair or shags during high school?  Perms or “big hair” during the 80’s Glam Rock period?  Short and sassy during the fitness phase ala Olivia Newton John’s Physical look?

And finally – do  you choose a hairstyle for appearance or convenience?


Updated: #35 – Jollette asked for a “now” picture of me so here’s one from this past Saturday night’s 70’s Nightclub Reunion – as I was trying to go for the Rod Stewart look:

Photo courtesy of Irwin Santos