Do You Remember… Buffets

30 September 2013

Ahh, the ol’ All-You-Can-Eat places.  When we were younger and could “pound”, we used to look for the buffets to stuff ourselves with anything and everything – so long as we got our money’s worth. And with our then-metabolism, we didn’t have to worry about gaining any weight.


When I think of buffets, the first one that comes to mind is the Flamingo Chuckwagon.  Remember the Chuckwagon on Kapiolani Blvd, across the HIC?  The familiar horse in the parking lot.





And the Western motif that decorated the restaurant.




I remember one of the first times that I went there.  My friend’s dad took us there to eat dinner before watching the Harlem Globetrotters play across the street at the HIC.  I remember thinking to myself “You mean I can eat more that just 2 pieces of fried chicken?”


And remember the private banquet room next door?  We attended many bowling banquets there.


How about Kengo’s? – That’s one place that I never had the pleasure of eating at.  Maybe you folks can share some experiences from there?  Wasn’t it also a late night place to hang out and drink?


The first buffet I ever went to was Smorgy’s in the Outrigger Hotel.  I remember when my dad took us for lunch this one time.  Had some beach boy kids that wanted to get in to eat but it required footwear.  And we all know that back in those days we all went barefoot.  But they managed to find a pair a slippers so one boy would put on the slippers and pay to get inside the restaurant.  Then he’d go over to the beach side balcony and toss the pair of slippers down to his friends where the other guys would take turns with the one pair of slippers until they were all in.  Pretty smart guys.


One time in high school, after surfing on the north shore all day, we dropped our boards off at home in Kailua and headed to the Smorgy’s in Kaneohe.  Yes, used to have one in Kaneohe!  And we pigged out until we each had to take turns going to the bathroom to make doo-doo.  Man, talk about eating too much…


What other buffet restaurants do you remember from back in the day?  Do you have some buffet stories to share?  No shame.




It’s time to start getting your costume together.  You only have about 2 weeks left!