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@Mark’75– lol, haven’t heard ” make A” in a long, long time!! Hey Rod- maybe we should do slang words of back in the day??


Good idea, Volleymom2!  Although it might result in some brain strain trying to recall the slang words and popular phrases we used to use back in the day.


How about we list the phrase or slang – give the definition – and use it in a sentence.  Wow, sounds like a spelling bee contest.  Let’s see if I can get it started:


“No Can Handle” – Cant’ keep up –  “What brah, no can handle?”  Actually, I hear my daughter using this term.  But they follow it with “Randall” –  “What? No can handle Randall”.


“I going bag” – What you said when you were about to leave – “Eh you guys, I going bag”.


“Going steady” – To be an exclusive couple – “Yeah, we stay going steady”.


“Just trippin'” – The phase before going steady – “Nah, we just trippin”.


“Bad rep” – A bad reputation – “That club get one bad rep”.


“Rippa” – A good looking surfer guy – “Ho, check out da rippa”.


“Fast” – Guys who are smooth with the moves – “I don’t like that kine ‘fast’ guys”.


“Townie” – If your zip code begins with 968 – “I like townie chicks”.


“Ahanakukulele” – What you say to someone when they did something bad – “Ahanakukulele, I going tell dad!”.


“Crimany sakes” – The phrase our dads said before giving us lickins – “Crimany sake boy, whatsamatta you?”


“Lickins” – Parental discipline – “Get me the belt, cuz you going get lickins”


“You going get it” – Sibling threat – “Wait until dad gets home, you going get it”


Okay, that should get you thinking about phrases and slang words from the olden days.  (“olden days” is one).  So share with us your words.  Remember to list a definition and use it in a sentence.  And have fun with it!




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