Thanks for the blog topic AnkleBYTERS and Happy Birthday to you!


Thursday 3 time – MLC Birthdays.  You know how this works.  I ask you three questions and you answer them.  Simple.  Copy the questions if you want.  Or just answer them in order.  Or just share a story relating to the subject.  And you’re always welcome to share more than one story, memory, joke, etc.


So here we go:


  1. As an MLCer, how do you celebrate your birthday?
  2. How did you or your family celebrate your small-kid-time birthdays?
  3. What are some of you best birthday memories?


Okay, here’s my replies:



  1. As an MLCer, how do you celebrate your birthday?
    My birthdays are pretty low-key.  Maybe we’ll go out to dinner in the upcoming weekend or so.  Paula might cook me a special meal.  And at the weekly family Friday night dinner, I might order the garlic steak at Zippy’s.  Maybe we’ll even get a cake.  Or custard pie.  I love custard pie.  We used to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas.  But Vegas in mid-July is just too hot.
  2. How did you or your family celebrate your small-kid-time birthdays?
    As I mentioned – birthdays weren’t a big deal in my family.  Mom would always ask me what I wanted for dinner.  I remember when I was in love with her fried pork chops.  Sometimes I would ask for her tender bul-go-gi.  Mmm.  And mom would always make it a point to take us to the bakery to choose a cake.  My favorite was the square, orange chiffon cake with the orange frosting – like the kine that Bakery Kapiolani used to sell.  And we would do the candles and Happy Birthday song thing too.  Kinda make-ass when growing up in a testosterone filled house.  But everyone knew that if they wanted cake, they’d have to sing Happy Birthday.  It was kinda like having to say grace before eating a meal.
  3. What are some of you best birthday memories?
    When I got my Sears Sting-Ray bicycle.  I don’t remember how old I was – maybe 8 years old?  My mom took me to Ala Moana and we checked out the bikes at Eki Cyclery, Penneys, HonSport, Woolworths, and I ended up at Sears, choosing a purple, elongated sting-ray bike with a long banana seat (purple vinyl metal-flake), a tall sissy bar, and slicks on the rear tire.  It’s just that I had to wait a few days for them to deliver it.  And I remember that day.  I wasn’t expecting it – just playing around in the garage about mid-morning when the Sears van pulled up and they took out my brand new sparkling purple bicycle.  First thing – take off the tassels on the handle bar grips.
    Fast-forward about 5 years and it was time for a new bike.  Again mom took me shopping.  This time, for a 10-speed “English Racer”.  I told her about the local bike shop in Kailua so we went there to check it out.  She didn’t care for the place so we headed to Ala Moana’s Eki Cyclery.  And that’s where I got my root-beer colored, Schwinn Varsity 10-speed English Racer.  Man, I used to go for 6 mile rides everyday that summer, playing with all the gears and shifting back and forth between each gear.
    But this past birthday was my most memorable MLC birthday.  We went on a family trip to Hokkaido.  It was a tour of about 40 Hawaii people.  And on my birthday, they surprised me with a birthday cake during lunch!  Now if you know Japan, you know that their cakes and pastries are made for quality, not quantity.  So the cake I was presented was a small, fancy, strawberry shortcake.  That was so touching, thanks to Air & Sea Tours.  My first time outside of the USA.  And Japan is so beautiful.  That was my bestest MCL birthday.

Okay, your turn.


Thanks again AnkleBYTERS for the blog topic and Happy Birthday!


Saturday Mornings

21 July 2014



First, to get you into the Saturday Morning groove

Oh what great Saturday Morning memories.  After going to school for 5 days straight – which felt like a whole month to me – I cherished my Saturday Mornings.  It was the start of the weekend.  Two days off to play before another month (week) of school.


I remember Saturday morning cartoons.  On weekdays, you could watch cartoons until 8:00 AM and then pau.  Sunday didn’t have cartoons at all!  But Saturday mornings, there were cartoons until almost noon!  I could waste half my day watching cartoons.  But I usually had enough by about 9:30AM.


During little league season, Saturday mornings meant preparing for that day’s game.  The worst was when we had to play the last game of the day – around 4:00.  Can’t play much during the day because you’re trying to preserve your energy for the game.  And the first game of the day was killers too.  8:00AM in the morning –  the grass was still wet from the morning dew.  It was the 10:00 mid-morning game that was the best.  Nice and bright but not too hot.  And after the game was lunch time.  Our team mother would give us a ticket to get a hot-dog and a cup of soda from the little trailer.  Man, that hot-dog tasted so good.  And the cold Pepsi with no ice went down so fast – just enough to start feeling the burn in the throat.


Later on when we were older, Saturday morning meant catching the bus from Kailua to Ala Moana Center.  But first, we’d have to transfer on Bishop Street.  The morning air was still crisp as the music played out of the loud speaker at The Music Box store on Union mall.  The bus ride to town was about a 40-minute ride as we’d watch other Kailua girls getting on the bus to head to Ala Moana too.


I remember when I was younger and my dad would schedule car repairs at Ala Moana Sears.  We’d get there early – to get his car in early – before the mall even opened.  Then we’d go walk over to Magic Island and mess around at the water’s edge on the rocks.  The air would have that familiar salt water ocean smell.  And the morning sun would be slowing warming up the sandy beach.  And that early in the morning, the ocean was like a sheet of glass.  Everything smelled so fresh.


One more Saturday morning memory.  When I started surfing, we’d go to “Shorebreak” early in the morning – like before the sun came up.  Sitting in the water on our boards as the sun was coming up over the horizon.  The waves were smooth as silk.  One think that I can remember was freezing my n*ts off as I was riding my bicycle to the beach in the dark of the morning.  And when we’d get to the shoreline, I could actually feel the warmth of the water at my feet – because the temperature of the water was warmer than the morning air.  It was so surreal.


Then after surfing for what felt like all morning, I’d ride my bike home with my board and take a shower, then come out of the bathroom to find out that it was only 9:00 in the morning!  I thought the day was half over, but instead – it was just the beginning of another Saturday Morning.


What are your Saturday Morning memories?

Thursday 3 – Growth

19 June 2014

@Mark Shelby suggested the Thursday 3 questions.  A little broad, but I think that we can work with it.  😉

  1. How do you feel about the growth on Oahu?
  2. How about on all of our outer islands?
  3. What do you miss most about OUR good old days?


Here’s my replies

  1. How do you feel about the growth on Oahu?
    Growth on Oahu is inevitable.  Waikiki has expanded into Kapahulu on one side.  But it’s on the other side that’s worrisome.  Waikiki has crept into Ala Moana area, including Ward and is now eating up Kakaako.  Moving further West – since downtown is already developed, expect Iwilei to start losing warehouses to condos.  Want to invest in land – buy Kalihi.  Kalihi will be next as the growth creeps Westward.I remember taking my girls out to the north shore and explaining to them that where these homes are used to be nothing but pineapple and sugar cane fields.  But like I said – it’s inevitable.  If you can’t adjust – move away.
  2. How about on all of our outer islands?
    Only outer island I’ve been to in the last 2 decades is Las Vegas.  I take that back – we did stop over in Maui about a year ago when we were on our way to San Francisco.  But we didn’t even get off the plane so I don’t count that.
    I think that we should take the island of Molokai and preserve it.  Keep it as a “throwback” island so people can feel like they’ve went back in time and see how the islands used to be.  But then they can only visit there.  Only the local families who have generations of Molokai history can live there.
  3. What do you miss most about OUR good old days?
    I miss the safety of the good old days.  When we could ride our bikes around and not have to worry about getting run over or having our bike stolen.  There weren’t homeless or crazy people around that you’d have to watch out for or avoid.
    And of course, I miss the old Ala Moana center when there was an abundance of sunlight and you didn’t have to look up to see the sky.  And mostly all the stores were mom-n-pop owned stores with items that we could afford.  It was a gathering place…Ala Moana Mall Fountain


Okay, your turn.  Don’t forget – you can answer the questions more than once if something comes to mind later.  Or share related stories with us.


And thanks to Mark Shelby for the Thursday 3 questions.

Let’s visit one of our favorite subjects.  A reader emailed me and asked if us MLCers would be willing to help her with a project.  She’s looking for perspectives/stories of shopping and/or working at the old Ala Moana Shopping Center.


Now, I know that us MLCers sometimes need help in jogging the memory section of our brain, so I thought that this might help.  I found this list of Ala Moana Merchants – circa 1979.  Take a look.


A A Jewelery & Antiques
A B C Discount Stores
Al Phillips The Cleaner Inc.
Ala Moana Banquet Halls/Spencecliff Catering
Ala Moana Coffee Shop
Ala Moana Pet Center
Ala Moana Poi Bowl
Ala Moana Pro Golf Shop
Ala Moana Stamp & Coin Co. Ltd.
Aloha Fashions
Andrade & Co.
Bank of Hawaii
Bartleys Town & Country Shops
Bella Italia Inc.
Byron II Steak House
Carol & Mary Ltd.
Cathedral Gift Shop
Charley’s Taxi
China Silk House
Clothes Tree
Conrad Jewelers
Continental Restaurant
Coral Grotto’s-Hawaii
Coral Reef Restaurant
Crack Seed Center
Crazy Shirts Inc.
D J’s Sound City Inc.
Dairy Queen
Daisy Pot Inc.
Dunkin’ Donuts
Ed & Don’s Candies & Ice Cream
Eki Cyclery
Elizabeth & George Studios
Europa Inc.
Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour
Fashions By Hino Inc.
Fine Arts Sterling Silver Co. of Hawaii
Foodland Super Market
Foxmoor Casuals
Francis Camera Shop
Francis Y Fine Hawaiian Gifts
Friendly Service Station
Fumi’s Beachwear
F W Woolworth Co.
Gallenkamp Shoes
Gift Pleasures
Gima’s Art Gallery
Gold Master Jewelers
Gould Emura Yamamoto Drs Optometrists Inc.
Hale Kukui Makai Candle Shop
Hale Muu
Hallmark Jewelers
Haven Creative Sandwich Shops
Hino Hairstyles & Wigs
Honolulu Book Shops Ltd.
House of Music Ltd.
Iida S M Limited
India Imports International
Irene’s Hawaiian Gifts
J C Penney Co. Inc.
Jeans Machine
Joe Pacific & Co. Ltd.
Jun Kon-Goldsmith
Kramer’s Men’s & Boys’ Wear
La Cocina
Leilani Gift Shop
Liberty Bank
Liberty House
Lock Doctor
Longs Drug Stores
Lucia’s Home of Antiques
Lydia O’Leary of Hawaii
Lyn’s Delicatessen
Morrow’s Nut House
Musashiya Inc.
Nettle Creek Shop of Ala Moana
Newk’s Hawaii
Orange Julius of Hawaii
Otaheite Shoppe
Palm Beach Shop
Paniolo Trading Inc.
Patti’s Chinese Kitchen
Paul’s Jewelry Inc.
Pete’s Modelcraft
Phillipine Handicrafts
Plaza Swimwear Company Inc.
Pocketbook Man
Prince Kuhio’s Restaurant
Products of Hawaii
Reyn’s Men’s Wear
Ritz Department Stores
Ross Sutherland Limited Stores
Saint-Germaine America Inc.
San Francisco Rag Shop
Sato Clothiers
Seafarer Leatherwear
Sears Roebuck and Co.
Security Diamond Co. Ltd.
Seiko Center Ltd.
Sera’s Surf N’ Shore House of Air Brush
Singer Company
Skirts ‘N Blouses
Slipper House
Smitty’s Pancake House
Summer Place
Swiss Colony
Tahiti Imports
Territorial Savings & Loan Assn.
Thom McAn Shoe Store
Thom’s Barber Shop
Tiki Gems
Tobaccos of Hawaii
Tsuki’s Hair Styling
Tutu’s Grass Shack
Villa Roma
Vim & Vigor Foods
Waltah Clarke’s Hawaiian Shop
Wikiwiki Coffee House
Wong’s Okazu-ya
Yami Soft Frozen Yogurt Shoppe


Recognize those names?  Brings back some old memories, eh?  I’ll admit that there are a few there that I don’t recall like Lydia O’Leary of Hawaii and Nettle Creek Shop of Ala Moana.

Europa Inc. – where was that in the mall?


And don’t forget about some places that used to be at Ala Moana Center prior to this list – such as Keiki Land.


And not just the merchants, but the areas around Ala Moana Center like:


The sand box

Ala Moana Sandbox


Or the Bird Cage

Ala Moana Bird Cage


Or the center of the mall water feature

Ala Moana Mall Fountain


Or the Liberty House side water feature

Ala Moana Water Feature


Here’s one of my memories.  It has to do with this water feature in front of J.C. Penneys

Ala Moana Water Feature Penney

See, I was too small at the time to see what was inside the upper part of the water feature, so I asked my dad to lift me up so I could see what was in it.  He said that there wasn’t any fish or anything – just water.  But I wanted to see for myself.  So he lifted me up and I was hanging on to side with my body.  As I slid down, the rough concrete slid across my stomach and scratched me up a bit.  Yeah, was little bit sore, but I didn’t say anything.


How about the events!  Remember when Ala Moana sidewalk sales really took place on the sidewalks?

Ala Moana Sidewalk Sale


Or when there was entertainment at the Center Stage.  Check out this picture of the band Greenwood performing at Center Stage.  Eh, isn’t that Robin Kimura?

Ala Moana Greenwood


Everyone feeling pretty nostalgic for the Ala Moana center that we remember?


Oh, here’s one.  It was the summer of ’72.  The Ala Moana Young People’s Hula Show used to do a performance every Tuesday and Thursday at around 1:00 or 2:00 PM.  (and a Sunday morning performance).  It had hula and Tahitian dancing and was mostly for the tourist.  But there was this one hapa-haole girl that I thought was so cute.  I was so mesmerized with the shaking of her hips during the Tahitian dancing and her pretty smile when she danced Hula.  I think I spent almost every Tuesday and Thursday that summer at Ala Moana Center.


(btw, does anyone remember if Kikaida ever made a stage appearance at Ala Moana Center Stage back in the 70’s?  The reader that is doing this project vaguely recalls going to see Kikaida at Center Stage, but isn’t really sure.)


Then later when I was in the 9th and 10th grade, we used to hang around Ala Moana to scab chicks network our “social club”.  We’d walk around the mall and randomly go up to a group of girls and ask them if they were in a social club.  You could pretty much tell which girls were also “networking” like us.  Then we’d exchange club cards, maybe talk story a bit, and hope that they invite us to a social.


Remember DJ’s Sound City record shop?  Street level, mauka/Sears side.  Remember the black light poster room that they had in the back?  And all the social club people would graffiti their club name on the posters in the room?  One time we were in there and my friend noticed some girls that we had met some time before.  They were from a Kaimuki/Kalani ’77 club named Dawn to Happiness.  So my friend starts to read out loud the Dawn to Happiness name on the posters.  And I’d echo their name too from another poster.  And soon enough, the girls ask us if we’re in a club and we start talking and exchange club cards.  They ended up to be our sister club.


And remember Ritz department store?  The men’s department was downstairs and they had a collection of club cards pinned up on a little boarder that went around the whole men’s department.  That was yet another place in Ala Moana Center that we networked our social club.


Okay, so what are some of you favorite memories of going to the old Ala Moana Shopping Center?  Or if you worked there, what was it like back in the day?  Share you perspectives/stories with us.  And who knows – maybe some of your comments will appear as part of the project.



Update – KEIKI LAND pictures from Masako (and M).  Thanks you guys!

Ala Moana Keiki Land Masako1


Ala Moana Keiki Land Masako 2


Ala Moana Keiki Land Masako 3



Kung Hei Fat Choi!

30 January 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi


Happy Chinese New Year!


On Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 – we usher in the year of the Horse.



Born: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

It’s your year, so expect revolutionary changes, immense profits and heaps of good luck! Excellent financial deals will be struck this year, but perseverance and vigilance will be required. You may run into obstacles early on, but keep calm and carry on with your best – the more thorough you are, the better your opportunities. Stay modest, treat people around you fairly, and your freedom-loving, adventurous nature will help you charge through a smooth year ahead.



Born: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

2014 will be a good year for the kind Goat, as a burst of exuberant energy will provide a myriad of opportunities to showcase your talents, and improve relationships with leaders and peers. Change will be inevitable, so go ahead and try new things and chase your ambitions. Research and networking will help, so your social nature should help you excel. You can expect much windfall this year, but manage your money wisely and stay away from get-rich-quick schemes.



Born: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

Major, life-changing decisions will likely be made this year for the quick-witted Monkey. Lady Luck will smile on you, especially in business endeavours, but do not be gullible and fall prey to unscrupulous folks and risky investments promising instant rewards. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold – your rewards this year will come from consistent hard work. So, while a simple savings plan may not be sexy, it will certainly be wise.



Born: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

In 2014, the industrious Rooster may see mixed fortune and radical change. There will be opportunities for a career change or to branch out with your own business venture, but be prepared for a lot of reworking to achieve success. Don’t dwell on the past – it’s a year to move forward and make decisions without procrastinating. Finances may be fine in the beginning, but investments may disappoint this year, so avoid additional borrowing and spending.



Born: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

The fortune for the steadfast Dog keeps getting better in 2014. As a power year to develop and hone your skills via additional education or training, the friendly Dog will become a highly valued team player, and develop helpful connections while exploring new career directions. Disciplined money management in the first half of 2014 will enable you to seek financial opportunities in the later half, but thorough research and planning is necessary to protect your interests.



Born: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

The caring Pig is in for a good year with many auspicious happenings. Sincere and outgoing, you will easily make new friends and market creative ideas. Relatives and collaborators will help you achieve great things in your career, and your hardworking nature will open unexpected doors. Any business ventures will be favourable, and careful investment will help you make money. Keep a tight rein on yourself, though – you may be tempted into spending extravagantly and impulsively.



Born: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

For the tiny yet ambitious Rat, 2014 will be a year that races full speed ahead. This is the year where you will have the power to get to places fast, achieving your goals while standing out in the process too. However, every race has its dangers – you must carefully manage your time and activities to avoid burning out. There will be many financial opportunities, but you must fight to acquire it. Nevertheless, thoroughly analyse investments and money matters, which must be handled with utmost caution.



Born: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

For the stubborn Ox who prefers stability and security, 2014 will be full of suspense and marked by transformation. It may be hard leaving the familiar, but the Horse will pull you along, so learn to be more flexible and adventurous, and let go of the old that no longer works for you. If progress seems slow, stay focused – apparent obstacles may be new opportunities in disguise. Good friends and wise mentors will guide you onto the right path, especially with financial advice.



Born: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

The powerful Tiger may find itself bristling in restlessness – while 2014 may bring a major positive turning point, the beginning of the year may be mediocre before picking up to a dash to the finish line. No matter the challenge, stay calm and positive. When things are out of your control, just go with the flow and your luck will be strong. Generally, financial wealth will be very healthy and will come to you in various forms this year.



Born: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

The gentle Rabbit faces a hectic year with much change on the horizon. Go with the flow and don’t resist. Keep a low profile to avoid possible clashes at work, but don’t be intimidated and do trust your intuition – unexpected events will work to your advantage. The easily stressed Rabbit must take time to rest, though, after frenetic schedules. You may be travelling and spending more this year, but the enjoyment you receive will deem it as money well spent.



Born: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

The fiery Dragon must learn to be open-minded and compromise. Slow progress and unforeseen delays in projects may annoy you, but take it as a chance to review ongoing plans – open discussion will yield new and fresh perspectives. 2014 could be financially challenging, as pursuit of your dreams may cause you to overextend your resources. Be wise and focus on consolidating debts, saving more, and protecting what you currently have instead of trying to reap extra profits.



Born: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

After a tumultuous 2013, 2014 will bring the shrewd Snake mixed fortunes that brings good luck in all aspects, yet requires much handling with care. For the ever-frugal Snake, this will be a good year to expand your business, but do so wisely – decisions made now will chart your course for many years to come. However, you must carefully work out a financial plan and stick to it religiously to evade monetary losses.


Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?  Although I’m not the slightest amount of Chinese (My last name, Lee, is Korean), we still celebrate Chinese New year.  Or consider it Lunar New Year since most all Asian cultures celebrate it.  I won’t be popping firecrackers or having a feast with relatives, but I did pick up a tub of Toong Mai (puff rice snack) that I’ll be enjoying while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Might go to Ala Moana on Saturday to see the tons of Lion dancers going around the mall from store to store.  And maybe get some manapua and rice cake for lunch.


Busy weekend with Chinese (Lunar) New Year and the Super Bowl.  Kung Hei Fat Choi and Go Broncos!!!

A little off-the-wall today.  Hey, you can always wish, right?


Something happened to you and you woke up from a coma.  You recognize everyone and remember everything, however:

  1. You wake up with a “gift”.  What gift would you wish you woke up with?
  2. You wake up and you’re transported to a different time – past, present, or future.  What time would you wish you woke up to?
  3. You wake up and you can speak another language fluently, besides English.  What language would you wish you could speak fluently?


Here’s my replies:


  1. You wake up with a “gift”.  What gift would you wish you woke up with?
    I wish I woke up with the gift of music.  That I suddenly was musically inclined: to pick up any instrument and play it, had the talent to write and compose songs, and had the voice to sing.  And stage presence – gotta have the gift of stage presence.
  2. You wake up and you’re transported to a different time – past, present, or future.  What time would you wish you woke up to?
    Gotta be that summer of ’72.  Too young to work, but old enough to go where ever I wanted to.  And some of the best music on the radio.
  3. You wake up and you can speak another language fluently, beside English.  What language would you wish you could speak fluently?
    Ha!  Okinawan or Uchinaaguchi.  Being half Uchinaanchu, I would love to be able to speak it.  I probably wouldn’t find too many people to speak it to, but just to help keep the Okinawan language alive.  Maybe even teach it.  Okinawan language just sounds so cool.


Okay, your turn.  If you have some other wish you could wake up with, what would that be?  You can list more than one.



Coming up soon…






How about a few questions from old Ala Moana Center.


Copy and paste the questions or just answer them by number or in order.


  1. Ed & Don’s had 2 stores in Ala Moana Center.  Which one was where?
  2. What was the name of the Otahiete store before it took on the Otahiete name?
  3. What used to be where the Kokohead side of the Makai Market is – where Splash!, Cinnabons, & The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is now located?


Good luck.  I’ll be checking in to verify the answers.  If there are any unsolved questions, I’ll answer them on Sunday.


Okay, this one has me stumped.  Does anyone remember where this fountain was located in Ala Moana Shopping Center?

Merry Christmas!!!

24 December 2012

Wishing you a very Merry MLC Christmas!



Time for a Thursday 3.  The topic is Summertime.  Cut and paste the questions or just answer them by number.  Don’t hesitate to answer them more than once if you have multiple responses.  Or if you think of more replies later.


  1. What summer was your best summer and why?
  2. Which summer job was you best and which summer job was your worst?
  3. Name a song with the word “summer” somewhere in the title or the lyrics.



Here’s my replies:

  1. What summer was your best summer and why?
    My best summer was the summer of 1972.  That’s the summer I became a surf rat.  I was old enough to catch the bus to Ala Moana yet too young to work.  Everyday was just play, play, play.  And the music.  1972 was a great summer for music.
  2. Which summer job was you best and which summer job was your worst?
    My best summer job was working at Windward Volkswagen.  My worst summer job was working at Windward Volkswagen.  I worked that job though high school and college so that was the only job I had from 15 to 21 years old.  Somehow I feel like I missed out on “working cannery”.  NOT.
  3. Name a song with the word “summer” somewhere in the title or the lyrics.
    Summer Sun
    by Jamestown Massacre (1972!)


Thursday 3 – Travel

20 July 2011

Time for a Thursday 3 question and answer.  This time, it’s travel.


Copy and paste the questions or just answer by number.  Easy-peasy.


  1. If you had tickets to travel anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why?
  2. If you had tickets to travel anywhere in the WORLD, where would you go and why?
  3. If you had a time machine that could take you back (or forward) to any time in your life, when and why would you go to that time?


Here’s my replies:

  1. If you had tickets to travel anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why?
    I think I would like to go to Alaska.  Besides loving the cold weather, everything is so green and fresh.  Lots of nature to take in, lots of nice places to see, and did I mention – I love the cold weather.
  2. If you had tickets to travel anywhere in the WORLD, where would you go and why?
    Anyplace in the world – as much as I’d like to visit Japan, specifically the Hokkaido area (where it’s nice and cold), I think I’d pass for now after the recent earthquake and check out Korea instead.  The food, the electronics, the plastic surgery (kidding!).
  3. If you had a time machine that could take you back (or forward) to any time in your life, when and why would you go to that time?
    I would go back in time to the 9th grade – when I was old enough to go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do.  But yet still have a place to go home to where there was food to eat, a place to sleep, and my clothes got washed.  Come to think of it, maybe the 10th grade would be better as I had my license and a car.  And a social club.  Plus all the gym dances, the music, the chicks.  Wait.  8th grade was a good time too!  Surfing, catching bus to Ala Moana, too young to work but old enough to ride my bike anywhere I wanted to.  Not as many cars on the street, less crimes as compared to today.
    Let’s just say that I’d like to return back to my intermediate school days.

Okay, your turn.



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