Microwave Ovens

Oct 17, 2010

Last night our microwave oven broke.  The carousel rotated okay, but it made a funny sound and would shut off after about 5 seconds.  Luckily, the leftover meats were warmed up before it broke.

That got me thinking… how did we survive without microwave ovens?

I think we just ate the leftovers cold.  LOL  Kentucky Fried Chicken cold – no problem – as long as had a fresh pot of hot rice.

Stew?  I think my mom used to reheat the whole pot on the stove.

Truthfully, I don’t remember eating much leftovers growing up.  With 4 boys in the family, I don’t think there was ever any leftovers.

But not to worry, we bought a new microwave oven today.  I think in this day and age – a microwave oven isn’t a luxury item – it’s a necessity.

Put on your memory caps and share with us – do you remember how you used to reheat leftovers back in the day?  Do you think you could live without a microwave oven today?  Since we cook our rice in the microwave oven, we surely couldn’t live without a microwave oven.


In the previous post, some of you were talking about high school football.  Well, some of the old Advertiser sports writers and photographers who weren’t picked up the the new newspaper created a web site just for us locals.  It’s an in-depth looks at Hawaii high school sports.  Check it out at: http://scoringlive.com/ (bookmark it!)

And for all you young ‘uns that miss Metromix, here’s where you can get your fix: http://www.nonstophonolulu.com/ (bookmark it!).  Yup, Cat Toth, Melissa Chang, Mari Taketa and the rest of the old gang is back – run by Diane Seo.

And for all you mommies – if you miss Esme Infante Nii’s Moms Like Me site, hang tight:
http://momsinhawaii.com/ will be happening soon.  (bookmark it now!)  And sign up now too!

See, old journalists don’t die – they just adapt to changing times.  LOL

Mahalo for your support!

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