Thursday 3 – Taxes

16 April 2015

Well, once again the due date for taxes comes.  And once again I’m scrambling to get them done.  So here’s a quick Thursday 3 about taxes (because I want to go sleep already).


  1. How do you do your taxes (tax service, accountant, TurboTax, etc.)
  2. When did you finish your taxes?
  3. Post anything related to taxes.

Here’s my replies:


  1. How do you do your taxes (tax service, accountant, TurboTax, etc.)
    I use TurboTax.  I buy the CD from Costco, load it up, and do it reluctantly.
  2. When did you finish your taxes?
    Last night.  Actually, I spent most of Good Friday doing our taxes.  That includes mine/Paula, and my two daughters.  Although I finished it on that Friday, I sat on them until this past weekend before filing the Federal ones electronically.  Then last night I printed out the State ones and attached the appropriate forms and got it ready to be dropped off at the State Tax Office.  I know I have until Monday the 20th, but I figured I should just get them out of the way.  Maybe I’ll drop them off tonight then treat ourselves to dinner someplace.
  3. Post anything related to taxes.
    My favorite tax song:

Okay, have fun.  And if you didn’t do your State taxes yet, get crackin’!


Tax relief:

20150502Magic Mushroom VI



Bad Nose Day

13 April 2015

That’s a term that Paula has coined.  It’s one of those days when the sneezing and running nose just won’t stop.  Could be due to Kona winds, pollen, pet dander, a certain scent, or any number of things.
Remember going to the medicine cabinet and reaching for this?




Some mornings when Paula starts sneezing, I have a feeling that it might be a Bad Nose Day for her.  And when she comes home from work and her eyes are all bloodshot and puffy – I know that she’s had a Bad Nose Day.  Well, plus she tells me that she’s had a Bad Nose Day.  It’s usually followed with some potent antihistamine and a couple hour nap.


When I get the sneezys in the morning, it’s a Bad Nose Day for me too.  I do the “chipmunk” technique and take about 5 or 6 tissues and put them in my pockets.  Fifteen minutes later, I’m loading up my pockets once again.  And when I get dressed for work, I fold a couple tissues for my shirt pocket and a couple more for my pants back pocket.  And once I’m at work, I’ll have my jacket on with two tissues stuffed in each pocket.


Then runny nose is bad enough but the sneezing!  It takes a lot out of you – especially when you’re doing it all day!  And then you get to look forward to peeling skin around your nose for the next couple of days from blowing and wiping it for hours on end during your Bad Nose Day.


One remedy that usually works for me is if I’m having a Bad Nose Day in the morning, I go out during lunch and drive somewhere in my hot car that’s been sitting in the sun.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or just getting out into fresh air – but that usually clears me up and I’m good during the afternoon.


If it’s during the evening (like tonight), I’ll try to wrap up what I’m doing early, take a Benadryl or a generic antihistamine (like I just did) and wait for it to dry me up and knock me out.  They work pretty well for me – only thing is that I become super thirsty due to it drying up not only my sinuses, but my mouth too.


Oh, you know what else I hate about Bad Nose Days?  Itchy eyes.  Burning, watery, itchy eyes.  And it feels so good to rub your itchy eyes – but then they become more itchy.  It’s a vicious cycle.


What about nose sprays?  They tend to make me sneeze more.  Plus I can taste the spray going down to my throat.  I don’t like nose sprays.


You know – I’ve never had sinus problems until I got married to Paula.  Could it be contagious?  Paula on the other hand had been dealing with allergies from small-kid-time.  She used to have to go to the doctor every Saturday to get her allergy shot.  But she used it to her advantage because when it came time to do housework, she’d say that her arm was sore from the allergy shot and would get away with it.


How about you?  Do you ever have Bad Nose Days?  Do you know what triggers it?  Kona winds, dust, dander, pollen, etc.?  How do you deal with it?  Take something?  Rest?  Walk around the house with your cell phone in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other? Have any remedies to share?


20150502Magic Mushroom VI

Eating Cereal

9 April 2015

Remember these?


cereal packs


I used to beg my mom to buy these for me.  She was always reluctant because the big boxes of cereal are a better deal.  But I mostly wanted these things so I could open the side of the box where the perforated lines were, then gently tear open the tin foil, pour in the milk, and eat out of the little box.  Even though it was the same cereal as the big box ones – there was something special about eating the cereal out of these little boxes.


Another reason why my mom didn’t like to buy these variety packs is because the Corn Flakes, Special K, Product 19, and Raisin Bran ones would never get eaten and just sit around until they became stale.  I just liked the sugary ones.  And the Rice Krispies.  Even though the Rice Krispies weren’t sugar coated, I just had to listen for the Snap, Crackle, Pop when the milk was poured in.


Cocoa Krispies and Cocoa Puffs were good cereals to eat with milk because after all the cereal was gone – you had chocolate milk left.  Such a treat!


I liked Sugar Pops although my favorite, favorite was the short-lived Puffa Puffa Rice.  After finishing a bowl of these cereals, I was left a bowl of sweet white milk.  It was kinda weird drinking this sweet milk.


Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, etc. left you with a sweet, fruity flavored milk.  The milk ended up tasting just like the cereal.


Remember opening a new box of cereal and digging for the toy prize?  he, he.


Cereal also made for a good snack.  Right around the four o’clock hour while watching Checkers & Pogo and the stomach was getting hungry – the only thing around to snack on was cereal.  Straight out of the box, using the hand as a shovel and munching on the cereal.


Ever ate cereal for dinner?  Why not?  I might get a box of cereal just for those lazy nights when I want something easy to eat.  Frosted Flakes are greeeeaaat.  Sugar Pops (now called Corn Pops because “sugar” is a bad word) always do it for me.  Actually, when I used to eat my cereal – I liked to let it sit for a bit until they got a little soggy.  That’s how I liked them.


How did you used to like your cereal?  Did you ever get the Variety Packs and eat out of the small box?  Did you used to snack on cereal?  What was your favorite cereal?  Did you like it crunchy in milk, soggy in milk, or just dry?  Share your Eating Cereal stories with us.



Dennis still has a couple of tables left.  After that it’s SRO

20150502Magic Mushroom VI

Folks You Meet in Longs


In this case, it’s not “and other stories“, but rather “and other places“.  btw, this is a great book by writer/playwright Lee Cataluna.  If you come across this book, buy it!


This past weekend after eating dinner at our favorite sushi place (Kuru Kuru), we were walking around Kahala Mall and in Macy’s I bumped in to the Gimas.  They were killing time while waiting for a table at California Pizza Kitchen.  btw, did you know that the Kahala CPK is the busiest one in the nation?  Anyway, so after posting a picture of Kahala Mall on my Facebook page, Roy Yonashiro posted that he was at Kahala Mall and ran into the Gimas at CPK.  Of course I posted back saying that I ran into them at Macy’s.  All I needed to do was run into Roy and the circle would’ve been complete.  But alas, it wasn’t in the stars.


Then @sally posted that she sensed a MLC blog topic in the works.  So I borrowed Lee Cataluna’s title of her book (which also was an awesome play).


Places we run into acquaintances.


Every now and then I’ll run into someone I know at Ala Moana Center.  But not like before time – when AMC attracted more locals than tourists.  I think I run into more acquaintances at the new product and home show than AMC.


Remember when Longs was the place to run into old friends?  Especially on a Sunday after the fresh ad just came out.  I’m sure people still run into old friends in the neighborhood Longs, but not like before time when everyone still lived in the same neighborhood.
Sometimes when I’m in my old ‘hood – I’ll look around to see if there might be an old classmate of mine.  But no such luck.  Probably because I don’t expect them to look 40 years older.  LOL


I think the place to run into old acquaintances nowadays is Costco.  The Iwilei Costco.  So many people run into friends there – that they block the aisles catching up on the latest news.  When I run into someone I know at Costco, I’m very conscious about the people around me and try to move away from the busy areas to catch up with the other person.  Or I’ll try – I said TRY – to keep the conversation to a minimum as to not plug the aisles and take up too much of the other person’s time.


Have you even recognized someone that you haven’t seen like in 20+ years?  And you’re not real sure if that is who you think it is?  And after studying that person, you come to the conclusion that it really is that person?  First thing I do is see if I remember the person’s name.  I’m so bad with names.  And if I do remember their name, I’ll kinda make myself “available” to them to see if they recognize me.  You know, how you both tend to look at each other with a blank look, then almost simultaneously the light bulb goes on above each others heads – and you smile and say hi – then strike up a conversation.


Or maybe like in my case – the light bulb above my head just seems to glow with about 5 watts.  And the other person looks at me, notices the dimly lit light blub, then turns and walks the other way.  Then I rack my brain all the way back to the car trying to remember the person’s name.  So MLC, I tell you!


Holiday Mart Daiei Don Quijote is another place that I sometimes run into people I know.


Lately, when I’m in the downtown area around lunch time, I’ll run into old Honolulu Advertiser co-workers who are now working in downtown.  The downtown Wal-Mart is where I bump into them.  But they’re mostly in a rush to get out and back to work as they’re on their lunch break.  Just a quick hi and bye mixed in with a “So where are you working now?”.


Where are places that you run into old acquaintances?   Restaurants are popular places to run into friends, especially Zippy’s.   Shopping malls?  Big Box stores?  Supermarkets?  Exercise class?  Gym?  Beach park?  Apple store?  And when you recognize an old friend, do you wait to see if they recognize you?  Or do you just go up to them and tell them who you are?  Ever recognized someone who wasn’t that person you thought it was?  And after making “A”, you walk away feeling about 3 feet tall?  I’ve done it a couple of times.  I’ve also had it done to me a few times (cheap-sale face), but I feel sorry for the other person and try to be nice about it.  As for not remembering someone’s name or where I know them from – I stopped playing the guessing game and just admit to them that I forgot their name or how we know each other.  I just blame MLC.

Happy Easter MCLers!


Happy Easter


How about an Easter Thursday 3?


  1. Did the Easter Bunny leave you presents?  Maybe an Easter basket filled with candies and toys?
  2. Do you like boiled eggs?
  3. What’s some of your small-kid-time Easter memories?


Here’s my replies:


  1. Did the Easter Bunny leave you presents?  Maybe an Easter basket filled with candies and toys?
    IIRC, the Easter Bunny did leave me a basket of goodies.  It was a yellow and green woven basket with the fake grass inside and the tall stiff basket handle.  What struck me as odd was that the Easter Bunny brought me the exact same basket with the exact same fake grass in it – every year – just filled with different stuff.  Until one time I found the baskets and the fake grass packed away in a box way at the top of the closet.  After that, the jig was up, no more Easter Bunny baskets.  I was so bummed.  I guess it’s like finding out for the first time that Santa Claus isn’t real.
  2. Do you like boiled eggs?
    Boiled eggs – they’re okay.  But if I’m eating them alone, gotta have salt to sprinkle on it.  Egg salad sandwich – anything with mayonnaise is good.  Actually, I don’t much care for runny eggs.  Hard boiled eggs are good.  Soft boiled eggs – kinda iffy.  Even with salt.  Or mayonnaise.
  3. What’s some of your small-kid-time Easter memories?
    What I remember the most was the Easter egg hunts in the yard.  I’d hide in the bedroom until the “all clear” was given, then my brothers and I would run into the yard trying to find the hidden eggs.  Funny that your eyes are focused on the ground – yet the eggs could be sitting on a branch of the Plumeria tree or stuck in the ti-leaf plant.  But when pau – always had to count to make sure that all the eggs were accounted for.  Don’t want to find one a few weeks later.  I don’t remember much about Easter dinners though.  I’m sure we had them, it’s just that I’m not a big fan of baked ham.  And baked ham for Easter is like turkey to Thanksgiving.  I remember the chocolate bunnies.  My brother always made a big deal when the chocolate bunny was hollow and how he always wanted a solid chocolate one.  Well, one year he got one.  My dad ended up using a knife to cut the solid chocolate bunny up into little bite size pieces.  Why no just get one bag of Hershey Kisses?  The hollow bunnies were much easier to eat.
    Oh, and coloring eggs – and the aroma of warmed up vinegar.  And the old newspaper spread out across the table when it came time to dye the eggs.  Remember how you’d try to make a psychedelic Easter egg by dipping it into every color of dye?  And the thing ended up as a grayish purple egg.  Or when you used the little wax pencil to write on the white egg – then when you put it in the dye – the words would appear like a secret message?  And remember having boiled egg fights?  You and someone else hit each others egg and the first egg to crack loses.  Tip: use the pointed end to hit.

Okay, those are my Thursday 3 Easter answers.   Here’s a late memory – Remember when Ala Moana Center used to be closed on Easter?


Happy Easter everyone!!!




Another Magic Mushroom Reunion event coming up in about a month.  Call Dennis for your tickets now!

20150502Magic Mushroom VI

Reprinted from September 23rd, 2009 by Rodney Lee


Remember the olden days – when newspapers were delivered by newspaper boys?


Newspaper Boys
Honolulu Advertiser library photo


Back then, afternoon newspapers were the norm.  The morning newspapers were always around, but a majority of the subscribers took the afternoon paper.


And the newspapers were delivered by newspaper boys on their bicycles.  They’d have the big newspaper bag hooked on to their goose-neck handlebars.  And they’d throw the newspapers into the open garage or on the door step.


Then every once a month, the newspaper boys would knock on the door to collect the money for the subscription – and in return, give you the little square stamp sized ticket that was your receipt.


Remember those tabs?  The boys used to carry around a little binder – about 1/2 size of a normal sheet of paper.  The binder had 2 big rings that held the pages together.  Each page represented an address where the newspaper was delivered to and contained the perforated tabs that the newspaper boy would write the amount paid on it.


For some odd reason, they’d always come a-knocking when my parents weren’t home.  And we’d have to tell them to come back later as we had no money to pay them.


I remember after paying the newspaper boy, my mom would put the tab in a kitchen drawer.  The same drawer that contained plastic bags, twist ties, and rubberbands.  I guess that was our recycle drawer.  Not sure how the newspaper receipts ended up in there as they weren’t something we’d recycle.


Our newspaper boy was this red-head kid named Jimmy Olsen – just like in the Superman comics.  That really was his name.  And speaking of comics, we’d leave all our old comics in a box out in the garage.  Jimmy Olsen was a big comic fan.  After delivering our newspaper, he’d pick up a comic for a fast read.  That one comic lead to another one and then another one until my dad had to go outside and tell him to come back after he finishes his route – as the neighbors were all waiting for their newspapers.


I remember when MLC reader losthawaiian took on a newspaper route.  I’d go over to his house and try to help him deliver his papers, but the thing is – we both had 10-speed bicycles.  There wasn’t a way to fit the goose-neck bag on the “english-racer” style handlebars.  IIRC, he tried to use the over the shoulder bag, but it was hard keeping balanced on the bike.  I think we just ended up resting the bundle of newspapers on the bar in front of the seat and delivering them that way.  I wonder how long he kept that route.  Losthawaiian – want to chime in and refresh my memory?


The pits was delivering the Sunday paper – as it was the responsibility of the afternoon newspaper boys to deliver the heavy Sunday paper – early in the morning.  Needless to say, losthawaiian was on his own when it come to delivering the Sunday paper.


What are your memories of newspaper boys?  Did you have a route and delivered newspapers?  If so, do you have stories to share – maybe a mean dog that never liked you, or a route with lots of hills that you had to pump your bicycle up and down?  How about collection time?  I’m sure tips were always good – especially around Christmas time.  Any stories about your newspaper boy?  Maybe he had a habit of always throwing it on the garage roof or under the car?  Share your memories here.


** Edited 3/31/15 **

@sally shared this famous newspaper boy photo.  It’s her friend, Chester Kahapea.  Chester passed away in 2011 from ALS.  But his memory of the “newspepa boy” will live on forever.  Thanks @sally.


Here’s one of those surveys that appear on Facebook.  Click on the link below to see what it thinks you would be – then copy and paste your result.


What Kind of Job Would You Have In The 50’s?


Here’s what I got:  SODA SHOP OWNER


Soda Shop Owner


Can you think of a better job than running a soda shop? We can’t!


You would own your very own soda pop and your shop would be one of the main hangout places for kids, parents and the town folks. Everybody would know your name, you would serve amazing sodas and root beer (with ice-cream on top), and would get to see the happy faces of hundreds of people every day. You are a very friendly and positive person, and this job will make sure you stay that way for a long time! Have fun and don’t forget the tiny hat!


I would enjoy running a ice cream parlor.  I imagine myself something like this.



Okay, take the survey and tell us what you came out with.  Did the result come up with something you think you’d do – in the 50’s?  What kind of job do you think you would’ve liked to do back in the 50’s?


23 March 2015

Here’s one from Paula – Places we used to go cruisin’


Remember back in the day when we first got our license?  Some of us had our own car, some of us borrowed our siblings car.  But most of us used our parents car.  And just having that freedom allowed us to cruise all over the island.  Sure, we’d go catch a movie, or a football game, or hang at the pool hall – but that was just one half of the evening.  The other part was going cruisin’.


Almost no night was complete without passing through the McCully Zippys to check out who was there.  Which hot rods were out that night.  And to check out the chicks, of course.  And being that we lived in Kailua back then, getting to the Pali Hwy often meant veering off to Hotel Street – just to check out the scene.  We rolled up the windows, locked the doors and did not stop.


Then there was Tantalus.



Now, when we cruised Tantalus, we always went up the Makiki Drive way and came down the Mott-Smith way (unless we missed the turn and ended up going through Papakolea).  That was the norm, right?


Another place that I liked to go cruising was in Manoa.  Because I was into architecture in high school, I liked to go in Manoa and look at all the nice homes.  My friends were probably bored out of their minds, but I was driving so they go where I go.  Plus, the alternative was them vegging at home so they didn’t mind.


Waikiki – unlike today where we avoid Waikiki, we used to cruise through Waikiki all the time.  Pass by the nightclubs and see who’s hanging out.  Check out the girls standing in line to get into The Hula Hut.  We’d do the normal pass going Kokohead on Kalakaua – look through the windows to see how crowed The Point After was, then turning onto Kapahulu and head Ewa on Kuhio.  Then get to Ala Wai Blvd and decide whether we want to go on McCully to the King St. Jack In The Box or stay on the Ala Wai and end up eating at KC Drive Inn.


Some nights, our cruising took us into Kalihi – for late night saimin.  The Saimin House or Palace Saimin.  But normally we were in and out of Kalihi.  Not someplace we wanted to hang out at.


But cruisin’ wasn’t always about nighttime.  How about cruisin’ during the day?  Our surfing took us cruisin’ a lot.  We’d get into town, check out the waves at Ala Moana beach.  If it’s not happening there, go to the heli-pad by the Ilikai and check out Kaisers/Rock Piles.  Still not happening, cruise through Waikiki and check out the waves there.  Too crowded, then it was up the hill to Diamond Head.  By then we were pretty itchy to get into the water and Diamond Head it was.  Sometimes we’d skip Diamond head because the size of the waves wasn’t worth the paddle out – and we’d check out Black Point.  Nope – still nothing?  Okay then, we’re headed to Sandy’s, or Pipe Littles, or Kaka Roach bay.  Somedays we didn’t even get into the water!  That’s why we also took our skateboards along.


Cruisin’ the North Shore.  Did you guys go the Kaneohe to Haleiwa way or the Haleiwa to Kaneohe way?  Because we lived in Kailua – it was the Kaneohe to Haleiwa way.  And coming home was the reverse.  But now that I live in town, if we go “cruise North Shore”, I like to go the Haleiwa to Kaneohe way.  It’s just a nicer drive driving in the sun’s shadows of the Koolaus.  Plus, can always stop in Kaneohe for some Time’s Coffee Shop fried rice, or KJ’s Chicken, or Kaneohe Bakery desserts.


What about the Waianae Coast?  I haven’t been out there in years!  The thing is, there is only one way in and the same way out.  But get some nice shoreline over there.  With gas prices down, maybe it’s time for an excursion.  Well, maybe after the freeway closures pau.


You know, all the cruising that I did throughout my life really came in handy when I started working at TheBus.  Knowing street names and areas like Manoa valley, St. Louis heights, Waimanalo, Salt Lake, etc. really came in handy.  So all that cruisin’ wasn’t for nothing!


Thanks for the blog topic idea, Paula!  I think we should go do some cruisin’ soon.


So where did you guys go cruisin’ back in the day?  Or night?  Have any stories to share?

Tower Records


Such an iconic store.  Not just this one on Keeaumoku, and in Kahala Mall, & Pearl Kai shopping centers – but in all over the U.S.  In fact, Tower Records was so much a part of people’s lives that there is a documentary being made on it.


A link to the story can be found here: All Things Must Pass


In 1999, Tower Records made $1 Billion.  Five years later, they were filing for bankruptcy.


I’m sure I contributed to the $1 Billion they made in 1999.  I loved hanging out at that store.  The town store was open 24/7.  I could browse for hours looking for albums or more likely CDs.  I would keep a mental list of albums to look for – but I could never remember more than the last two that I added to the list.  I would walk up and down the aisles looking at the bands hoping it would pop into my head.


Eventually, it did – but by then I had about four or five other CDs that I wasn’t looking to buy but they were already in my hands.  Sometimes I’d even wander into the Classical music room just to check it out.  Spent a lot of time in the Jazz aisles too.  Although I wasn’t too keen on putting on the community headphones to take a test listen to some music.  Who knows where those headphones may have been!


I used to enjoy checking out the boxed sets – although I never did buy any.  Probably collector’s items today.


But before Tower Records was the big boys for music, where did you go for your albums?


My go to place was a record store in Windward City Shopping Center.  Was it Hot Wax?  I don’t remember the name exactly.  But they had deals for when you bought 3 or more albums.  And I was never one to turn down a deal.


For 45’s – classic, hard to find 45’s – it was The Music Box on Union Mall.  Out of print 45’s could be bought there.  I don’t think they ever told me “Sorry, we don’t have that one”.


Another record place I used to hang out in was the record department in the Kailua Holiday Mart.  I knew the girl who worked there – Margaret Matsumoto.  She wasn’t your typical Japanese girl.  Nope, she had a taste for music that was “cool”.  One time I was bumming around in there just looking at stuff and the music that was playing really caught my ear.  I had to see what album was sitting on the “Now Playing” stand.  It was this one.




And it was this song that caught had me sold:


And when I was at Ala Moana Center, DJ Sound City was the place.  Okay, I never bought a record there – but I did spend a lot of time in the black light room with all the posters and everyone’s grafitti’d club name written on the display posters.  The House of Music was another store to check out – especially for sheet music.  And they had a nice inventory of musical instruments.  Too bad I never learned how to play anything.


And when I was adventurous, I’d take a walk across Piikoi – to 404 Piikoi to be exact – Records Hawaii.  That store was cool.  Not just records, but posters, t-shirts, incense, pipes, dark glasses, oils, – pretty much everything that was so 70’s.


Man, how I miss these places…


What Tower Records memories do you have?  How about other record shops?  Did you have a favorite one that you used to hang out at?  Share your music store memories here.


Remember reading comics?  And when you were done reading the comic – there was nothing else to do but read the ads?


Remember this one?

Comic Ads 0
Who were those people in the picture?


Or remember the mail order ads?

Comic Ads 2


Comic Ads 1


Comic Ads 3


Comic Ads 4



Comic Ads 6


Comic Ads 7


Comic Ads 24


I was always intrigued by the Surprise Package – although it was probably just junk stuff that no one else ordered.  Good thing my mom never let me get that.  But after much prodding and nagging, my mom did let me order one thing:

Comic Ads Hercules Wrist Band
Hercules Wrist Bands!  I got the pair and used to wear them on each wrist.  I felt powerful.  It gave me confidence with the He-Man look!


Remember the sets of warriors?

Comic Ads 8


Comic Ads 15


Comic Ads 14


And not to leave out the girls:

Comic Ads 21

How about these novelties:

Comic Ads 11


Comic Ads 12


Comic Ads 13


Comic Ads 17


Comic Ads 26


And the non-toy ads.

Comic Ads 18


Comic Ads 19


Comic Ads 20


Oh how I loved the patches.  I just needed an old army jacket to sew them onto.  (I secretly wanted to be a hippy)


And don’t forget the 90 Pound Weakling ads.

Comic Ads 9


Comic Ads 16


And finally, the more obscure comic ads:

Comic Ads 22


Comic Ads 25


Comic Ads 23


What other ads do you remember on the inside cover or back covers of comics?  Did you ever order anything from the advertisers?  Did you sign up for the American Seed Co. ads to get prizes?  I’d bet those seeds weren’t even allowed into Hawaii.  What did you wish you could have gotten?  Man, these ads take me back.