All Things Halloween

30 October 2014

First of all, thank you everyone for sharing your ghostly experiences in the Annual Halloween Ghost Stories post.  If you didn’t read the stories and real life experiences shared in the comments, please do so.  sally, Kage, Masako, HbH, Mark’75, 4G, and all the other MCLers – great read.  In fact, after I read all the stories, it was already late so I went to use the restroom one more time at work before heading home – and I thought I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye.  But I knew that it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me – although I may have cut my peeing short and got out of there.  LOL  Yes, I did wash my hands.


Happy Halloween Cat


Today’s blog is open to All Things Halloween.  Got a good Halloween joke?  Favorite Halloween song?  Favorite Halloween candy?  What costumes did you wear in small-kid-time?  Halloween Hi-jinx stories?  Anything to do with Halloween.


I want to know – what is the attraction to candy corn?

candy corn


Paula just loves the stuff!  For me, meh.  Not something I dig for in the bucket of candy.


Remember when people used to hand out Pixie Stix for Halloween.  They didn’t do to good in the Trick-or-Treat bag.  By the time you got home, they were bent and about to crack open, so the only thing to do was to eat it right away.  And remember the individually wrapped taffy that came in orange and black?  Not very appetizing.  Nothing beat good ol’ chocolate candy bars.  Nestle’s Crunch, Reeses, Milky Way, M&Ms (with peanut).  Nothing like a sugar rush before going to sleep.


Neighborhood Haunted Houses – in Kailua, word was that the house on the corner of Oneawa and Olomana was haunted.  Something about an organ that used to play by itself.  I remember that my brother’s old place – just up the street from where I grew up – had a ghost.  Just a kolohe one.  Come to think of it, that house is almost lined up with the Olomana one.  Hmm, maybe an old Hawaiian trail from the mountains to the beach?


Here’s a Halloween song:



How about a Halloween memory?  Remember in elementary school, our homework was to bring in a paper grocery bag (those day, only had paper kine) and we’d cut two eye holes in it and decorate the outside with crayons, and cut up construction paper, and stuff.  Then on Halloween day, everyone in the class would put on there paper bag mask and parade around the other classrooms.


And I remember how my dad used to “think out loud” that it should be “Treat or Trick” instead of “Trick or Treat” because you’re asking for a treat so you don’t get a trick played on you.  So da kine!  It’s like how Jim Leahy during UH Baseball always brings up that it should be called “Run & Hit” instead of “Hit & Run” – because you hit the ball first before the base runner runs.  So da kine too, I tell you!


My Halloween costume that I remember – Tweety Bird.  Remember how it came in a square box with a clear cellophane window on the box cover to show the mask of the character?  Ho, was so hot wearing the mask!  And the mask was so close to your face that not only could you not breathe, but your eyes itched as your eyelashes touched the mask every time you blinked.  Ok, admit it – who else besides me used to take out the Halloween costume every now and then and put it on around the house – even when it wasn’t Halloween?


Why isn’t Dracula invited to many Halloween parties?
Because he’s a pain in the neck.


Where do baby ghosts go during the daytime?
Dayscare Centers


Edited:  Entry from sally – remember the old waxy Trick or Treat goodie bags?

Trick or Treat bag
Thanks sally!



Okay, I’ll stop now.






What would Halloween be without a post for ghost stories?  Sally touched upon a couple during a Facebook thread about the building where Alioto’s Restaurant used to be.


And I found a number of stories from Honolulu Magazine.  I didn’t get permission to copy the stories so I’ll post the links instead.


One of my favorites is; The Five Most Haunted Hikes on Oahu.


Can you imagine – going to hike the Aiea loop trail and seeing menehune in broad daylight!?!  That would be something.  At least it’s not night-marchers.  And the one that really freaked me out was the Kiona’ole story.  Kionaole Road is the road that leads to Koolau Golf Club and is blocked off after the entrance to the golf club.  But before the golf club was built there, the road was open to the public.  And since we grew up in Kailua, we used to pass by there all the time and we heard all the stories, but never did check it out.  Until one night…  Our friend, Jon was driving with 5 of us packed in his dad’s car.  We heard about a tree on Kionaole Road called “The Blood Tree” and we heard many stories about it.  The main story was that if you looked at the tree at night, you could see the devil’s face on it.  So, like stupid high school boys – on the way home from town around midnight – we go to check it out.  We find the tree located in from the the City & County maintenance yard and see the red paint on the side of the tree.  That’s how we knew it was the tree.  Jon drove up to the tree and we looked at it but didn’t see anything on it.  So we told Jon to try and face his headlights right at the tree.  After backing up and repositioning his headlights right at the tree, we all stared at it in silence.  Then after about 3 seconds – we all simultaneously said “Okay, I see it!  Go! Go!”  At that point, Jon turned his wheel and stomped on the gas – and the car sputtered for a brief second, then drove off.  Needless to say, we were all freaking out.  How do I know that?  Because not one word was said until we reached Kailua town.  Everyone was playing it back in their minds of what we just saw.  It’s was almost like the side of the tree suddenly morphed into a face.  A devil’s face.


Word had it too that since the tree is too large to put your arms all the way around it – if you bear hug the tree and put your arms around the tree stretching your hands as far around as you can, you’ll feel something on the other side of the tree grab your hands.  No, we didn’t give it a try.


On that same stretch of road, where it travels underneath the Pali highway, there was a place called Thirteen Steps.  It was a set of stairs that rose up the mountain side.  Word has it that when you climb up the stairs and as you count up to the 13th step – something would happen.  We never tried it but some of our friends said that they did.  The stairs are blocked with a chain-link fence so a few of them climbed over the fence and started up the stairs.  The others sat in the car with the engine running – just in case.  As they counted the steps, nothing was happening.  But when the counted the 13th step, the bushes started to shake violently and there was a roaring sound – like a wild beast or something.  They ran down those stairs and flew over the fence into the waiting car.  They told the driver to go, drive off.  The driver asked them “But what about all your guys slippers stuck in the fence?“.  They said never mind about the slippers – just go!


Oh, going back to the story of Kiona’ole Road.  The story said that if you pick the laua’e ferns, bad things can happen to you.  I also read stories about the same thing of people picking plants in the Paradise Park parking lot in Manoa and things happening to family members.  People getting ill and the doctors can’t diagnose the problem or members of the family even dying.  Sometime when they return the plants and give an apology and offering, the troubles stop.  And it’s for that reason that I don’t take plants.  I want to grow some white ginger and yellow ginger plants, but the hell with going up to the Pali and pulling some ginger roots from the ground.  I’ll gladly go to Koolau Farmers and pay for a few potted plants.  But I do remember when I was younger, my dad did take us up to jackass ginger and we brought home some ginger cuttings.  Luckily, nothing followed us home.  Whew!


Here’s another bunch of ghost stories from Honolulu Magazine:  Menehune, Hauntings and Choking Ghosts: 6 Beloved Ghost Stories From Hawai‘i’s Spooky Past


And here’s a story of:  Friday Frights: Ghost Stories from Hawai’i’s “Haunted” Plantation Village


What are some of your favorite ghost stories?  Doesn’t have to be something that happened to you.  Maybe a story that your classmate or cousin shared with you.  Share your Halloween ghost stories here.




Big Halloween costume dance happening this Friday.  And it’s Greenwood’s CD Release Party!  Come join the fun!


Thanks for the blog topic AnkleBYTERS and Happy Birthday to you!


Thursday 3 time – MLC Birthdays.  You know how this works.  I ask you three questions and you answer them.  Simple.  Copy the questions if you want.  Or just answer them in order.  Or just share a story relating to the subject.  And you’re always welcome to share more than one story, memory, joke, etc.


So here we go:


  1. As an MLCer, how do you celebrate your birthday?
  2. How did you or your family celebrate your small-kid-time birthdays?
  3. What are some of you best birthday memories?


Okay, here’s my replies:



  1. As an MLCer, how do you celebrate your birthday?
    My birthdays are pretty low-key.  Maybe we’ll go out to dinner in the upcoming weekend or so.  Paula might cook me a special meal.  And at the weekly family Friday night dinner, I might order the garlic steak at Zippy’s.  Maybe we’ll even get a cake.  Or custard pie.  I love custard pie.  We used to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas.  But Vegas in mid-July is just too hot.
  2. How did you or your family celebrate your small-kid-time birthdays?
    As I mentioned – birthdays weren’t a big deal in my family.  Mom would always ask me what I wanted for dinner.  I remember when I was in love with her fried pork chops.  Sometimes I would ask for her tender bul-go-gi.  Mmm.  And mom would always make it a point to take us to the bakery to choose a cake.  My favorite was the square, orange chiffon cake with the orange frosting – like the kine that Bakery Kapiolani used to sell.  And we would do the candles and Happy Birthday song thing too.  Kinda make-ass when growing up in a testosterone filled house.  But everyone knew that if they wanted cake, they’d have to sing Happy Birthday.  It was kinda like having to say grace before eating a meal.
  3. What are some of you best birthday memories?
    When I got my Sears Sting-Ray bicycle.  I don’t remember how old I was – maybe 8 years old?  My mom took me to Ala Moana and we checked out the bikes at Eki Cyclery, Penneys, HonSport, Woolworths, and I ended up at Sears, choosing a purple, elongated sting-ray bike with a long banana seat (purple vinyl metal-flake), a tall sissy bar, and slicks on the rear tire.  It’s just that I had to wait a few days for them to deliver it.  And I remember that day.  I wasn’t expecting it – just playing around in the garage about mid-morning when the Sears van pulled up and they took out my brand new sparkling purple bicycle.  First thing – take off the tassels on the handle bar grips.
    Fast-forward about 5 years and it was time for a new bike.  Again mom took me shopping.  This time, for a 10-speed “English Racer”.  I told her about the local bike shop in Kailua so we went there to check it out.  She didn’t care for the place so we headed to Ala Moana’s Eki Cyclery.  And that’s where I got my root-beer colored, Schwinn Varsity 10-speed English Racer.  Man, I used to go for 6 mile rides everyday that summer, playing with all the gears and shifting back and forth between each gear.
    But this past birthday was my most memorable MLC birthday.  We went on a family trip to Hokkaido.  It was a tour of about 40 Hawaii people.  And on my birthday, they surprised me with a birthday cake during lunch!  Now if you know Japan, you know that their cakes and pastries are made for quality, not quantity.  So the cake I was presented was a small, fancy, strawberry shortcake.  That was so touching, thanks to Air & Sea Tours.  My first time outside of the USA.  And Japan is so beautiful.  That was my bestest MCL birthday.

Okay, your turn.


Thanks again AnkleBYTERS for the blog topic and Happy Birthday!


Thanks to @Kailua Girl for this blog idea.  Can you name these cartoon characters – WITHOUT Googling it?




To be honest, I can name only about 2/3 of them.  Not only from the cartoon shows but I remember reading their comics!  Remember this familiar logo at the top corner of the comics?


Harvey Comics Logo



And here’s a reel of cartoons that @Kailua Girl sent me.



As I was watching this reel, none of them seemed to ring a bell – although I was enjoying them.  That is until the last cartoon – I remember the sour balls part!  Then it started to look so familiar.  I think back of the hours that we spent watching these mind-numbing cartoons.  But they were harmless.  Sometimes a bit politically incorrect – by today’s standards – but back then, the term “politically incorrect” wasn’t coined yet.  So it was just good, wholesome cartoons.


Which of the cartoons characters above were your favorites?  Did you prefer the cartoon or the comic book?  What other Harveytoon characters do you remember?


Thanks again for the blog idea, @Kailua Girl!




Hurricane Ana


Looks like another hurricane is headed our way.  Hurricane Ana is expected to be a tropical storm when it reaches Oahu, but when it comes to hurricanes, nothing is definite.


I know that a lot of the MLCers are busy preparing for this storm so I’ll keep this blog open for tips, comments, reports, jokes, music, etc. of Hurricane Ana.  I’ll start it off;


It’s a good idea to fill up your gas tank in your car.  Even if you have a half tank, top it off.   I did so tonight (Wednesday).  I thought that I’d wait until it got late so there wouldn’t be a crowd.  Hah!  I went to the Costco station at 9:30 PM and the cars were about 5 deep in each line waiting to get to the pumps.  It was just about overflowing into the street.  But since mostly everyone was “topping off”, the lines moved pretty fast.  Why is it a priority to fill your gas tank?  Well, if the power goes, gas pumps won’t work.  If power is out for a week – that means no gas available for a week.


If you cell phone dies and the power is out – you can always charge your phone in your car.  Just make sure to start your car every so often to recharge your car battery.  And make sure you don’t run out of gas.


Put away smaller potted plants as they could fly and act as projectiles if the wind is strong enough.


Fill your bathtub with water.  Then you can use a bucket to scoop up the water and fill your toilet tank if the power outage affects the pump stations and you have no water.


Use old milk cartons or 1-gallon plastic jugs to fill with water and freeze.  Then these blocks of ice can be used to keep your perishables cold.  After the ice melts, you can use the water for drinking, cooking, etc.


Q: What did the hurricane say to the other hurricane?
A: I have my eye on you.


Q: What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree?
A: Hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!


Q: Why did former FEMA director Michael Brown criticized Obama for “responding to Hurricane Sandy too quickly?
A: Because women don’t like premature evacuation.


I love 80’s rock


Be safe out there MLCers.  Take care of each other.

Happy Discover’s Day

13 October 2014

Happy Discover’s Day or Columbus Day.  Lucky you if you have the day off.  I didn’t have a blog post ready and it’s late Sunday night and I’m awfully tired.  So I thought I’d just throw this out there to all us Baby Boomers:


Since it’s Discover’s Day – What kinds of things have you discovered over the years?


I’ll start off with a few:

  • I discovered just a few days ago that freeway off-ramps are numbered based on the number of miles from a designated starting point.  And if there is more than 1 exit within that mile number, an alpha is added.  For instance, heading Kokohead bound on the H1, the airport exit is 16.  Then the next exit is the Nimitz Highway which is 18A.  There is no exit 17 because no exit exists in the 17 mile stretch.  Then the Dillingham exit is 18B because it’s the 2nd exit within the 18 mile stretch.
  • I recently discovered that artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Sucralose, and Saccharin are bad for you.  And these substitute sweeteners make you gain weight – which is ironic because it’s what soda people use in their diet sodas.  Yes, you get the sweetness flavoring without sugar so the drink is less in calories – but it changes the way that your body breaks down sugar (from other foods you eat).  And the caramel coloring in sodas isn’t healthy either.
  • I discovered that when you receive the new smaller safety check and your bumper has that “void” lettering left from the previous, bigger safety check, you can use Goo Gone to get the “void” lettering off.  I didn’t have Goo Gone, but I did have Goof Off and that worked just as well.  No harm to the paint.
    7637R-Goof Off DIY lineup
  • I discovered that throwing more money in a Vegas machine to try to recover a big amount of money that you just lost – doesn’t work.
  • I discovered that a new outdoor shopping mall just opened up in Las Vegas.  Downtown Summerlin located right behind Red Rock Casino is a shopping town built on a 1.5 mile block.  It has Macy’s and Dillards as anchor stores.  And there is also Nordstrom Rack, Trader Joe’s, and 5 Guys Burgers & Fries stores – just to name a few.
  • I discovered a long time ago that I’m allergic to alcohol.
  • I recently discovered a band in town called Retro 5-0.  They play some cool Eighty’s music.  Listening to them, I thought I was tuned in to 98Rock!
  • I discovered that Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones) is one of the best drummers around.
  • I discovered that when I don’t get enough sleep, I get bitchy.  Real bitchy.
  • I discovered that Minna Sugimoto is 5′-5″ tall.


Okay, that should be enough to get you started.  Happy Discover’s Day, MLCers!

Remember waking up on Saturday mornings and watching cartoon after cartoon until almost noon?  Actually, after a couple/few hours of cartoons, I would be getting futless and have to do something.  But if I wanted to, I could’ve watched cartoons the whole Saturday morning.


Well, this past Saturday was the first time in 50 years that there weren’t any Saturday Morning Cartoons in America.  The end of a era.  NBC stopped Saturday Morning Cartoons back in 1992 and CBS followed not long after.  ABC held out longer until 2004.  Then after that, only CW Network showed Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Until last week.


Why, you ask?  Well the FCC requires broadcast networks to show 3 hours of educational programming weekly.  And networks found that Saturday morning was the perfect time to meet the FCC requirements.  They sure aren’t going to show the 3 hours of educational programming during prime time.


But it’s not a big deal.  Kids can flip to their 24-hour cable cartoon station to get their fix.  Or on their tablet.  Or their computer. Heck, they can get it on their phone if they wanted.  And they could choose what cartoon to watch and when they want to watch it.


Remember how we had to plan our morning around our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons?  Okay, at 8:00 I’m going to turn to channel 2 and watch The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour.  Then at 9:00, I’ll turn to channel 9 and watch The Jetsons.  9:30 – turn back to channel 2 to watch the Pink Panther.  Then at 10:00 – it’s back to channel 9 to watch the show that I was waiting for – The Archies Comedy Hour.  With The Monkees immediately following.  Okay, The Monkees wasn’t really a cartoon – but it made for a good transition from all the animated stuff.


What other Saturday Morning Cartoon shows did we watch?


Who remembers Wacky Races?




Bringing back some memories?  Need more help?  How about:

Heckle and Jeckle

Scooby Doo



Okay, that should get your memory juices flowing.  What other Saturday Morning Cartoons do you recall?  It’ll be our tribute to the end of Saturday Morning Cartoons…

Not dat kine!  For this one, I’ll need the girls help – or guys who had sisters.


Previously, volleymom2 wrote:




Well- absolutely loved the Brady Bunch- I was in love with Greg Brady. I had his pics on my wall along with others. Hey, idea- maybe you should do something on those teen mags like 16 and Tiger Beat- do you remember?


Teen Tiger Beat


teen 16 magazine


teen music star


teen tiger beat partridge


teen teen



Not having sisters, I wasn’t exposed to teen mags like 16 and Tiger Beat – except for seeing them in the stores on the magazine racks.  But I wouldn’t dare pick one up to look at – in fear that I might be seen by friends and get teased to no end.


But I did subscribe to Myojo magazine.  That was a Japanese pop music magazine.  Once a month on a Saturday, I’d ride the bus to downtown and go into Hakubundo to get my copy.  I couldn’t read a bit of it since it was all in Japanese, but I enjoyed the pictures and the bonus poster.


I don’t really have much else to add so I’m depending on the girls – or the guys who used to check out their sister’s magazines – to share stories about teen magazines.  Did you buy them at the store or subscribe to them?  Borrow your friend’s, perhaps.  Cut out the pictures and post them up in your room or a scrapbook?  Share you teen magazine memories with us.


Thanks for the blog idea, volleymom2!


Thursday 3 – Randomness

2 October 2014

In the previous post, @1oldfut commented:


@Rod- Was there ever a Hot Tub Time Machine type question (yes it’s a dumb movie) in the order of would you stay, or would you go back to small kid time?


So I thought that it would be a good question to post for a Thursday 3 – along with a couple more random questions.  So here we go;


  1. If you had the opportunity, would you stay or would you go back to small kid time?
  2. Eddie Van Halen or Angus Young?
  3. If you were financially secure (retired or still working) and you had to move off this island; What state would you move to?  What country would you move to?


Here’s my randomness replies:



  1. If you had the opportunity, would you stay or would you go back to small kid time?
    I would go back to small kid time – assuming it’s all relative and I wouldn’t be leaving my family in the current world.  Everything was so simple back then.  3 TV stations to choose from – 4 if you lived in town.  Streets weren’t so cluttered.  Ala Moana Center was a local shopping center.  We could take our lunches on excursions.  Music made you happy or sad – not angry or suicidal .  The environment was cleaner.  Life was so easy.
  2. Eddie Van Halen or Angus Young?
    Speaking strictly guitar talent – I gotta go with Eddie – but not by much.  As for music-wise, Alex Van Halen hits the cymbals too much.
  3. If you were financially secure (retired or still working) and you had to move off this island; What state would you move to?  What country would you move to?
    I would choose Washington State (yeah, @Seattle Gail).  I know it’s rainy and cold – but I’m comfortable in that element.  Sunny, hot weather is not for me (Sorry, @AnkleByters).
    My country that I would choose would be Japan.  So much culture.  So much respect for each other.  But again, to avoid the heat, maybe towards the Northern side of Japan.


Okay, your turn.  Thanks for the blog topic, @1oldfut





What’s wrong with this school!?!  Kindergarteners head out for an all day excursion, but the school makes the kids leave their lunches and water bottles at the school.  The reason that the teacher gave was “because it would be too much responsibility to keep track of 21 water bottles and they might misplace it“.


Sounds like a lame excuse to me.


Meanwhile, the chaperones had bentos and drinks for themselves.  I wonder if they ate it in front of the five-year-olds or if they had the decency to hide in the bus and stuff their faces.


The DOE told the school that they needed to change their policy.  In other words – they (the DOE) just washed their hands of any wrong-doings.  The school’s principal didn’t want to talk on camera but did say that out of the 120 students – they only received 2 complaints.  Oh well then, that’s makes it okay.  NOT!


I remember when we went on school excursions.  We were told to bring our lunches in a disposable paper bag.  And our drink was in a can that also was disposable.  Remember – there was no such thing as HI-5 back then.  In fact, there were no such things as water bottles back then too!  We drank water out of the drinking fountains.  Only kine water bottle we had back then was the plastic Army canteens that we used when we played Army.  Or if you might’ve been lucky enough to have a real, aluminum canteen with the Army green pouch for it that your dad bought you from Big 88 Surplus store.  Remember that store?  IIRC, it used to be on Beretania street, between Ward Ave. and Alapai Street, mauka side.


But bringing home lunch for a school excursion was a big thing!  Mom always had to plan something for dinner the night before so it would have leftovers that could be made into a sandwich.  For me, it was beef teriyaki. Beef teriyaki sandwich for lunch, and a half frozen juice or soda.  I remember how mom used to put the drink in the freezer first thing in the morning when she woke up – and let it freeze up for a couple of hours.  Then she’d wrap it in tin foil, and again with paper towel held on with a rubber band.  And she’d put it in a plastic bag so as not to sweat and get everything else in the lunch wet.


And on our excursion, after the play, symphony, museum, Meadow Gold dairy, or wherever it was that we went, we’d go to a nice park to settle down to have our lunch.  All our lunches were placed in a couple of big boxes that were kept in the back of the bus.  Everyone’s package had their name on it and there would always be a couple of boys assigned to get the lunches and carry them to the picnic area.  Then the teachers would call out the names as they passed out the lunches.  And everyone always compared what they had with each other.  Nobody ever traded.  We each just admired the next person’s lunch.  And drink!  Some had soda. Some had juice.  I don’t think anyone brought milk.


And when we were done eating, we threw our rubbish into the big boxes and left them next to the park’s rubbish cans – so as not to fill up the rubbish cans with all our stuff.


After a little time to run around and play at the park, it was time to get back on the bus.  Because my schools were on the windward side and all the events were in town, our excursions were a little shorter as it took about an hour for those diesel buses to climb the Pali.  I remember how the morning ride was so exciting because we were on an excursion and didn’t have to do any school work.  Everyone was chatting on the bus and all excited to be on an excursion.  The trip back was a bit more subdued.  Someone would always start singing the “A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall” song and everyone would join in.  When we got to 90 bottles of beer on the wall, not as many were singing anymore.  By 85 bottles of beer, some kids were crashed out.


Can you imagine – our teachers let us sing songs about liquor?  See if that would fly today.  LOL


Sometimes the song would be “Henry the VIII” and when it got to the “Second verse, same as the first” – the whole thing started over and it would keep going on and on and on.


And when we finally returned to school – which was about 5 minutes before school was about to let out – I had a kinda weird feeling, knowing that other than all of us getting off the bus – it was just a normal day of school and work for everyone else on the campus.  Almost like I missed out on something.  Or almost like a bit of guilt that I should’ve been doing school work, instead of playing.


You know, I don’t ever remember going on an excursion after 6th grade.  Were school excursions just an elementary school thing?  Was it different for those of you who went to town schools?  I mean, since the ride was shorter, did you folks get back to school earlier or just got to play at the park longer?  What kind of lunches did you have on your excursions?  Fried chicken and musubi?  What songs did you folks sing in the bus?  Share your small kid time excursion stories here.




Do you have your costume picked out yet?  This Saturday!